Why We Care

Dr. Daniels is a doctor trained in allopathic medicine.

During her 10 years of Medical practice, she started educating herself in the use of natural methods. She successfully helped people experience healing with organic foods, fasting and herbs. Many people had difficulty making lifestyle changes but still wanted improvement in their health.
Vitality Capsules allowed people to make the lifestyle changes with greater ease and comfort while experiencing additional benefits.
This product has been so helpful over the years that many people continue to request it. As a practicing physician, Dr Daniels researched many herbal remedies for her patients. Vitality Capsules are one of her remedies that has given the most dramatic results. When Dr. Daniels discovered this formula, she was grinding the herbs herself at the dining room table and packing it into capsules. It was not possible to keep up with demand. Now that she is retired, offering this formulation to the public is a way to continue its availability and help people enjoy its many benefits.
Our philosophy is that there are many ways to live a life and people should have the knowledge of natural options and resources available to them. People should also have the right to choose a combination of natural and high-tech medical options that they feel are right for them. VitalityCapsules.com is dedicated to sharing the many natural and complementary approaches that benefited the patients of Dr. Jennifer Daniels while she practiced Medicine.
Now that she is retired from the practice of Medicine, Eden community Fellowship is dedicated to making these approaches and remedies available.
During the course of Medical practice, Dr. Daniels found that many diseases were the result of firmly held beliefs that led to harmful activities or habits. By addressing and altering these unhealthy beliefs, many patients have been able to experience relief from seemingly incurable illnesses.
Dr. Daniels’ goal is to share her health giving beliefs with interested others. This site offers products that facilitate the practice of these health-giving beliefs.
Theses products are non-denominational.