Alkalinize or die? How about acidify to live?

Dr Daniels clarifies the pH wars. Alkalinize what? How Alkaline? Which water? What pH? Is lemon juice really alkaline? Find out how Doctors destroyed the health of millions with the Alkaline wars and how to avoid the same fate with your natural healing. Tune in.

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3 thoughts on “Alkalinize or die? How about acidify to live?

  1. Help me understand the Ph thing. If our urine Ph should be at 5. something then shy are all the test strips saying we should be at 7. something?

  2. been drinking 9-5 alkaline water kangen water , going to get a john ellis water maker now, what trace minerals do you recommend? thank you for clearing up the question of alkalineity, I feel stupid I have been drinking this all these years and my 22 year old daughter has been drinking, her hair is very thin, think she need to stop drinking it and take trace minerals.

  3. Hi, I really enjoy your radio programs they help keep us on the right track and filter out all the so called healthcare medical noise we hear. Just a couple of questions- is there a certain ph tester you would recommend for testing ones blood( the paper doesn’t seem to work because it just turns red )? Also what are your thoughts on Ayurvedic medicine and the testing using tailabindu pariksha?