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 Natural Remedies that
Could Make
Antibiotics Obsolete

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Dr. Jennifer Daniels

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  1. Dear Shelly,
    My name is Shalee. I am Dr Daniels’ Assistant. I am sorry to hear that things are not going well with your health. That’s never easy.
    The good news is that we are here to help.
    The best way to address your concerns is a Health Discovery Consultation with Dr Daniels. This is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to have Dr. Daniels create a health protocol for you to help you eliminate your health challenges once and for all.
    Here’s how you can apply for this consultation, click here —>

    Dr. Daniels health protocols are super effective, I am excited for you to experience the consultation and hope you get to work with her further. Your health depends on it.

    Supporting Your Healing,
    Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  2. Dr Daniels, I need a natural treatment for my high blood pressure, I know the meds are killing me. Please help

  3. Hi Dr Daniels, my name is Hanna. I’ve listened to several of your radio show and really enjoyed them. I wanted to purchse 3 bottles of your vitality capsules just now for $77.00 but when I went to pay for the shipping to Canada it said the shipping was over $106.00 US. Wow, why is it so expensive to ship? Is there any place I can purchase your products in Canada where I live. I am very sick and believe I will die. I just want to see if your capsules may be able to help me. I live in British Columbia, Canada. Looking forward to your reply. I have been sick for over 10 years. Thank you for your time.

  4. Please help with a severe case of emphysema. I have to live with my rescue inhaler as I don’t want the hard drugs that do nothing for me. I’ve tried many remedies but to no avail. I just came across your website.
    I do not want to be long as I just lost my whole document. Please help with some method that can help my breathing.
    I thank you very very much.

  5. Dr. Daniels,
    You are the medical short-cut to wellness!

    For the last 3 years I have not been able to “get started” early in the morning. It would take me 3 hours to prepare for work (food and beverages included – I wouldn’t dare eat in fast food places). I was late for work every day – literally. God is merciful because I still have my job.

    Because of the yogi flush in your book, I am on time for work everyday. I have more energy than I have every had and my mind is more organized. It only takes me 1.5 hours to get ready in the mornings (food and beverages included – I wouldn’t dare eat in fast food places). Thank you so much! Just being able to get to work on time makes me feel good about myself. Having energy again is life:)

  6. hi dr i went for massage and they used red flower oil ingredients turpentine 20 percent they used lot on back massage.Should i worry about toxic effects of this turpentine .Im just worried it smelled bad .Thanks

  7. Dr. Daniels,

    I have listened to you interviews and heard you talking about turpentine use which I have purchased and plan to use, is there a protocol for use
    like, is it best done on an empty stomach or after meal? Do you start with the 2-3 drops or can one go right to the 1 tsp. over 3 sugar cubes? When starting should one build up gradually every day till desired dose is reached? If there is a printed protocol somewhere where might I find it or can you send it. Or is there a video or audio where you answer these questions.

    I appreciate your information and I feel you are right on thank you for your response.

    Yemiah Favor

  8. Hi, merely grow to be attentive to your own weblog through The search engines, and located that it must be seriously useful. I’m just gonna be mindful with regard to the city. I am going to get pleasure from for individuals who continue on this kind of in future. Quite a few some others may be taken advantage of your current creating. All the best!

  9. Hi Dr. Daniels
    I heard your interview on and hope you’ll do it again. How do I order the vitality capsules?

  10. Hi Dr.Daniels,
    I would like to know how to order the vitality capsules.
    May you please tell me the price of it and where i can purchase it.

  11. Dear Dr. Daniels,
    I have questions regarding Turpentine & Sulfur use for my grandfather who has been diagnosed with Congestive heart failure and his heart is currently running at roughly 15 to 20%. His doctor’s are saying stay away. Would you have any suggestions? (THANK YOU) for your time!!

    All the best,

    RudeDog Malone

  12. I would like to know if the terpentine would effect other medication that I am taking? My great grandmother and mom use to give this to us when we were young, but then I was not on any medication. I now take medication for thyroid, high blood pressure, chloresterol, and osteroporosis please I want so much to feel better and it seems no doctors can help. I have arthritus, fibromyalgia, had bacterial overgrowth and since then my stomach has bothered me. I also had broken heart syndrome. I am looking forward to your help. Bless you

  13. Could you please tell me what exactly is in the Vitality Capsules? i would so appreciate that information as I have some food allergies. Thank you.

  14. Ive watched your video on you tube regarding the turpenttine treatment. Id like to clean out my system of fungus as i have occasional bouts of rash on my behind. I will stop bread etc and sugar which i do not eat much anyway. But the thing is im not sure do i buyspigrit of turpentine and dilute with oil for internal use. Im in the uk and am reseaching whats best. I was unable to downoad your radio info. Ive only a phone for internet.Thanks for your help withthis.

  15. Dr Jennifer Daniels , I just watched your video on what a joy you are and so wonderful a investigation to find the cure for the sickness you have ,, I enjoyed so much I will be you in my prayers now , so hang on to you top not ha haha .
    t=I have diabetes 2 and working on diabetes 1 I think , you know I didn’t trust doctors anymore than I could throw them and that about ten feet it can be cured and reverse it is a must to contact you , I salute you for you cantor on the video and I will tell others if I see all the benefits you earnnessly claim can be ours ,, oh I give GOd the glory for your boldness . and I am glad you have left USA I wish I could leave too either to panamals or the belizas , I pray all goes well with the videos you do and the people you help so have a great day and protect your self for the world doesn’t like the truth or cures they like chaos and bribery and lies to kep trhere greed and money coming in God bless and have a great day alan

  16. HI Doc,
    Dr Schreiber of Vienna declare that turpentine exhhaled from pine from pine forests possesses to a very high degree the ability to convert oxygen into ozone. This is nin Bob Theil’s book on Nauropathy.
    Be Well
    Sal D’Onofrio, D.N., D.D.

  17. 2 things – why when I order the vitality capsules did it come back to my email saying “did not pass the fraud test”.
    I was afraid to order. Help….
    also, I cannot take vitamin D because it builds up in my body and I get raging headache just above my eyebrows and have to stop the vitamin.
    I have tried vitamin D many, many times in the last 9 years with the same results. Blood tests always show low vitamin D, low vitamin D.
    I can’t figure it out. Help
    thank you

  18. Art, I heard the reply to your call. Dr Daniels said to cover your scalp with Castor Oil overnight. Then the next morning put Castor oil on again. Then take the turpentine. She says that the castor oil in the scalp should make them want to escape in the opposite direction and go out through the proper elimination channels. She also emphasizes that you should not be constipated when doing this. I have the same problem as yourself so i expect I shall try this in the next week.

  19. I called on the Spingola show on the 11, yesterday. My statement was about the parasites that have also traveled up into the scalp area and are itching me and are getting worse. My ears are plunging up little by little. You mentioned Castor oil to be use for the itch, and said i need special attention to get rid of the pests. Can you help?

  20. hi there, i am writing from the UK. finally a candida document that actually makes sense and there isnt any mumbo jumbo just good ol fashined common sense! i am trying to source some proper turpentine and feeling rather stumped. its either ‘paint thinner’ and even the artist quality distilled stuff (which smells as bad as the knock-off pertrol chemical stuff) or essentual oil stuff. please if u can provide any pointers for a realiable source or a link to making your own i would be much obliged. seeing candida off once and for all would be a wonderful thing for me… many thanks and blessings for all the good stuff u r doing and so willingly sharing. blessings xxx.

  21. Way cool, a couple of rather strong suggestions! I appreciate you writing this editorial and the rest of your website is top-notch!

  22. There is a lady above who is dentist bound and doesn’t want antibiotics.
    When I go to the dentist for major events, I do self hypnosis for 1) no pain and 2) rapid healing without drugs.
    Hypnosis works fine for dentistry and regular surgery. Check it out.

  23. Wonderful goods from you, man. I’ve be mindful your stuff previous to and you are simply extremely wonderful.
    I really like what you’ve bought right here,
    really like what you are stating and the way in which during which you assert it.

    You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep
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  24. Would love to hear a show on vaccinations.
    There is so much controversy, and so many conflicting statements, it is very difficult to know what’s what.
    Many thanks

  25. I am listening to the Next False Flag Disease and reminded of a book, AIDS: THE CRIME BEYOND BELIEF, written by Canadian medical researcher Don Scott, former editor of an alternative medicine, Journal of Degenerative Disease [now defunct]
    In the book he recounts evidence that the Fore Tribe in New Guinea were the subjects of Japanese experimentation attempting
    to create a bioweapon from the sheep scrapie virus, visna virus.[or visna maedi virus?]
    The Japanese had to abandon the area and at the end of the war the US obtained the information about the Fore Tribe and in
    the early 1950’s sent a scientist with team to harvest the data from the Japanes experimentation innoculating visna from infected sheep
    they had brought with them from Japan for the purpose, into the Fore people. I forget the name of the scientist but he was later involved
    in the vreation of the microbe that is the basis of AIDS, though the author did not believe HIV was the primary causative agent in AIDS>
    Perhaps AIDS does not exist but it seems to exist.
    Also I should mention author Scott also noted that information about mycoplasmas was erased from the medical literature and not taught in
    medical schools at some point post WWII and uses the medical reference book produced by Johns Hopkins University as an example. He also
    notes that the military university does include information about identifying and treating mycoplasmas in terms of flu like presentation.
    Mycoplasma is the cause of “walking pneumonia” and causes spontaneous disintegration of the adenoid tissue, per Scott. Also, not mentioned by Scott, there is an causal association between rheumatoid arthritis and a mycoplasma; info available online and researched in the past
    by a doctor who published his discoveries but was ignored.
    The reason info about mycoplasmas has been suppressed is likely due to the fact that mycoplasmas were a prime focus for the developement of
    bioweapons; and augmented and changed for that purpose. The DOD has patented Mycoplasma Fermentans incognitus which author Scott believes
    is the primary agent that causes AIDS.
    AIDS being not defined solely by being HIV positive, but by a progressive depletion of CD4 T-cells.


    Dear Dr. Daniels:

    Thank you so much for your show.

    So, I thought to include you in the list I’m emailing to everyone I can!

    Here’s a BOMBSHELL just now, from Natural News:

    ‘Kerry’s Syria “chemical weapons” turn out to be fluoride’ (yes, the same stuff so many are drinking every day from the public water supply)


    Tptb must be ROTFL at us, gullible “peasants”!


    Carmen Vazquez

  27. Yes. There is no evidence that the virus exists and it has never been
    isolated. Therefore, according to Koch postulates, it cannot be
    responsible for infection. Dr Daniels wanted to focus on the aspect of
    the existence of the disease. In other words, once it is established that
    the disease does not exist, any discussion of cause is moot. Thank you for
    your references.

  28. And now, we have the organ transplant issue. Again, the monetary and statistical angle is very helpful, however, what is not divulged here is the fact that you must be ALIVE, respiratory (breathing), and have a pulse (moving blood) for an organ to be a viable candidate for transplant. Studies have shown that organ donors exhibit elevated heart rate during surgical removal of their organs, (indicating pain and awareness and being alive.) The fact is, you have to be ALIVE to successfully donate an organ!

    The very concept of “brain dead” was developed by an “ad hoc” multidisciplinary committee of Harvard Scholars who are not identified, and who did not provide any scientific evidence for there conclusions. The fact is, the definition of “death” was successfully changed by these “scholars” to affect this very lucrative career!

    Run from the cure! And please stop believing in WhiteCoats! (No I have no affiliation with Dr. Carley)

    For example, there are many many many examples of cancer cures by natural means! Please stop believing in the AMA doctors! I’ll provide links later if anybody is interested.

  29. Ok, I love the presentation by Dr. Daniels about AIDS and HIV because the statistical and monetary angle is very helpful in understanding the truth about the medical mafia. However I think that the absolute HOAX concerning HIV is very important to understand. HIV (the “retrovirus” has never been identified or purified, in scientific terms, HIV does not even exist! Dr. Daniels has three emails from me that show this to be true.

  30. On another note, I think the Veteran’s Administration is about to kill my dad. He is 80 years old, and occasionally has a problem with “racing heart” which seems to be uncomfortable, but not life-threatening. Well, he has an appointment with a cardiologist next week in Richmond. The obvious goal is to fit him with a pacemaker. The obvious dangers in having surgery are completely ignored, as though those problems are completely under control. The issue of whether or not the surgery will extend his life, or make him more vigorous or healthy are not even addressed.

    I have told him about Dr. Daniels and even sent him a link to the show Healing with Dr. Daniels: The Heart Disease Hoax 10/09 by Rainbow Soul | Blog Talk Radio but alas, medicine is a religion, not a science nor is it a field of reason and experience.

    The fact is, the doctor has sold him a pack of lies about “circuits” controlling his heart rate, and that he had an “extra” circuit one of which has now died, and now he’s down to only one “circuit” which may fail him at any time, and so he will die. Fear, Fear, FEAR! So his mind has been filled with this tall tale ever since they sold him on this fallacy.

    Nothing I can say to him will get him to quit this march to death, so I have resigned myself to the probability that I will be losing my dad very soon. I may or may not be able to put forward herbal, or orthomolecular cures for the damage they are going to do to him. My mother, thank goodness, is much more wise and has been listening to me, although not abandoning AMA medicine. I see her energy and health failing bit by bit, most likely caused by cholesterol drugs, blood pressure drugs, thyroid drugs (synthroid), and eye drops for her glaucoma and other eye failings.

    This is horrible for me, because I cannot change beLIEfs, which are so much more powerful than knowledge. This phenomenon must be so frustrating even for an informed naturalistic doctor.

    All I can assure anyone reading this is that I promise that I will die a natural death, either by age or by violence, because I absolutely refuse to go see one of these murderers.

  31. For those that may have never heard of the Temptations and “Smiling Faces” The Temptations – Smiling Faces Sometimes – YouTube

    I wish Dr. Daniels great success in distributing her life-saving information in her new book, The Lethal Dose (Murder By Medicine is No Accident) eBook: Jennifer Daniels: Kindle Store

    Lol, I had to take a break from re-listening to today’s show on Spingola Speaks, to hear the song, long a favorite of mine since I was a very young man.

    Dr. Daniels, please put a link to all your comics on the website! I keep having trouble finding all the goodies you talk about in your interviews!

    Continued success,
    Unkle Rick

  32. Dr. Daniels is no longer doing the Happy Uterus group or retreats. She is concentrating on the general field of natural healing. Her radio show is at on Tuesdays.

    She has a new Kindle book on Amazon The Lethal Dose; Why Your Doctor is Prescribing It. Get it here:

  33. I just heard your interview on Best of Beyond 50 Radio. I’m curious about the retreats you mentioned, and the Happy Uterus group.

  34. My ritual follows Dr. Linus Pauling’s Vitamin C therapy. I do take a lot of Vitamin C, and I find that it indeed temporarily remedies many dis-eases caused by molds and mildew which I must deal with resulting from my poor living circumstances. I just bought one pound of Vitamin C on ebay. Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C Pure Powder 1 lb USP Very Fast Shipping 5 Star | eBay

    Anyway, I hope you will address cures (a word which you can’t say) such as Vitamin C among many others. What is your feeling about orthomolecular medicine, for example, and although I find that homeopathy is ridiculous, maybe you have something to say which will set me straight.

    I always look forward to your appearances on Deanna’s shows, and I promote your views and shows (although I might disagree with one of them, in the chatroom.

    The one idea you have that I disagree with the most is the three bowel movement a day theory. Sorry, but Sally Falon and I both disagree with you about that. But hey, if you, and other people are doing that and having good health, no problem for me.

    Anyway, please consider me your friend.

  35. Dear Rick, I use the word COULD because I used many more combinations and collectively, they did make antibiotics obsolete in my medical practice. The more accurate description would be that these remedies helped make antibiotics obsolete in my medical practice.

    Comments that do not relate to the topic of the page or that are responded to directly by email, are not posted publicly.

  36. I’m gonna pull your chain a little, but please understand I respect you and what you are doing very much. You say “Remedies so powerful that they COULD make antibiotics obsolete”. Well according to your own standards, saying “could” is a weasel word, lol and I would like to know why you don’t say “WILL”. Let’s hold ourselves to the same standards we hold the criminal medical mafia to. Just saying.

    On another note, I see that some things I say are not cleared through moderation. I wouldn’t mind an email explaining why what I say is not acceptable. I have no problem with your criticism, but knowing versus guessing is more helpful. I see that my angry eulogy of my friend Mike might not be appropriate in this forum, but please talk to me, because I am an intelligent man (despite my dangling participle), not a troll, and I recognize you as an intelligent person as well.

  37. Congratulations on being able to finally solve your communications problems! You last show (6/18/2013) was extremely clear and we can finally hear every word you say during your show. Fantastic!

  38. great to meet u Dr. Daniels – loved that you were on patrick timpone show! have you heard of the use of turnips to annhilate 100% of all the biofilms in the intestines (there are other ways too) and then take probiotics and for the first time in peoples lifetimes they can regain all of their intestinal track for their intestinal flora once again… what other methods have u used to rebuild the intestinal track so they have no such issues with anti-biotics from their past that caused all that widespread and yeast issues and on and on… love to hear more… can’t wait to read the free report on herbs u mentioned …. so much fun… take care girl… and great to meet u again… Robert von Dallas TX

  39. How do I order the capsules?
    Capsules can ve ordered by clicking on the bottle on the right sidebar.

  40. Hi Dr Daniels My name is Robert from MnR Productions and I would love for you to come on my webshow soon and talk about all your wonderful work and I would like to know how I can contact you in private to discuss this more? Thank you so much

  41. I am listening to your show on Parkinson’s disease. I see no difference between ALS, Parkinson’s and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), which a friend of the family has been diagnosed with. He may be too far gone now to save, but I would appreciate any indication of a natural treatment which may save this poor man, or at least improve his condition. I would think that large doses of Vitamin B and Vitamin C would be helpful. But how large? This poor man can hardly even swallow now.

    Thank you so much for your broadcasts. I am waiting with great anticipation for your next appearance on Deanna Spingola’s radio show.

  42. I used to be suggested this website via my cousin. I am no longer certain whether or not this put up is written via him as nobody else know such unique approximately my difficulty. You are wonderful! Thank you!

  43. Please let me know what system you are using. I will pass this on to the tech people and see if they can improve it. Thank you for letting me know. Transcripts will be available soon.

  44. Dear Dr. Daniels,

    I am working my way through all your archived shows. The information you present is invaluable and I thank you.
    May I make one suggestion?
    The audio play is rather weak.
    I have to sit in front of my computer to listen.
    Is there anyway for you to increase the volume?
    Perhaps it is just blogtalk radio and beyond your control.
    I have no difficulties with any other internet radio station.
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Best Wishes to You.

    Kate Schlarp

  45. Loved your conversations with Patrick Timpone and Deanna Spingola!
    I am a medical research journalist in the Netherlands, specializing in life supporting health approaches.
    I have my own radio show. I would be very pleased if you’d want to be a guest on my show. I am totally on the same page with you, so we really can go into depth. Looking forward to your reply!

  46. Dr. Daniels, I was unable to get your program on diets last night. I tried to get it tonight, but could not find it Will it be available at sometime.

    Virginia Spencer

  47. Dear Nancy, the suggestions are in the FREE report that you get when you opt – in and enter your information in the box on this page.

  48. Dear Dr. Daniels, I listened with great interest to your interview with Patrick
    Timponi. I am having several teeth removed in 2 weeks and was wondering what
    natural remedies you could recommend instead of the antibiotic medicine the
    dentist wants me to take. I am so sick and tired of all these antibiotics
    that I have been prescribed.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,