Arthritis and Diet- Dr. Gary Null

Is there a link? Medical Schools say no. We know better. Dr Gary Null is our special Guest and he will share insights from his book, Reverse Arthritis. See what diets really work. Tune in for the real deal. A pioneer for natural healing.

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One thought on “Arthritis and Diet- Dr. Gary Null

  1. Great show. Why don’t doctors sue the medical schools for failing to teach the facts, the truth, for advocating for the Big Pharma companies? That’s just fraud to take a student’s time and money to feed them fairy tales in direct contradiction to the studies and medical literature contained in the college libraries. How do they get away with that, to teach their students things that will result in the murder of their patients, while ignoring the studies and facts contained in the very medical libraries in the very schools the students are obtaining their miseducation.