Autism Checklist:


Get your Atec score:  Check score monthly 


Food:  only food purchased unprocessed and cooked at home. NO coconut flour, coconut butter, rice milk, etc.  


Cleansing:  3 bowel movements a day – or more.  Use castor oil, prunes, vitality capsules whatever you have to. 


Turpentine:  1cc per 10 pounds body weight.  Mix with castor oil or drop on granulated sugar.  Dose 2 times a week to start.  If child regresses on non turpentine days, increase to every other day then daily if needed.  


Water:  Reverse osmosis and give mineral supplement  or distilled an give mineral supplement.   10 kg  100cc per kg  

11 to 20 kg 50cc per kg  

21 kg and more  20cc for every KG over 20.  


This means that  a child who weighs 100 pounds needs to drink  2 liters of water/ fluid a day 


Environment:  use cloth diapers, not disposable with perfume and plastic, do not use packaged baby products.  




Healing Buddy:  One adult needs to take the same dose of turpentine on the same schedule as the child so that any adverse reaction can be detected early.  If at any point the child’s ATEC score or behavior worsens, reduce the turpentine.  




Dr Jennifer Daniels.  [email protected]