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Guts To Be Beautiful

Dr Daniels has written this guide to anti-aging with Dr Mitra Ray. 

This concise and clearly written book  allows the reader to experience the same youth enhancing results that permit Dr Daniels to look and feel 20 years younger than her age.

Everything from Diet, Herbs, Liver Flush to Emotional practices are covered.  

Don't take our word for this, read what others are saying …

“For over a year or more, I had already been making green drinks and focusing on a plant based diet about 90% of the time. Reading this book reaffirmed my commitment to the diet I follow, and I also started doing the facials. I have also seen two separate aestheticians for skin care regularly over the last four years. Both of these aestheticians have said that my skin has never looked healthier, cleaner, clearer, and even the pores are smaller! My friends are also asking me what am I doing differently. This is it. I’ve been able to do the facial regularly for nine months now because it is really simple and very inexpensive! Thanks Drs. Ray and Daniels for providing me the last pieces of the puzzle to looking and feeling great.” — Nikki Cotton, Ashland, OR
“After two decades of buying expensive beauty products, I am so excited to treat myself with recipes that are friendly to the environment and safe for my skin. I am amazed at the results I have received in just three short weeks and will continue to use Dr. Daniels’ simple and affordable regimen. Thank you, Dr. Ray, for sharing this valuable information with all of us.” —Heidi Beard, Gig Harbor, WA
“It has been over ten years now since I received a riveting diagnosis of hepatitis C. In that moment, I decided that it would not win. I took charge of my health, committing to nutritional and lifestyle changes that would allow me to avoid pharmaceutical treatment if at all possible. Cleansing with fasts and colonics was an obvious way to support my liver. Little did I know that the changes I was making in order to survive would reward me with increased energy and radiant skin. What might have killed me has made me more beautiful. My viral load that first numbered over a million was last read at 7,500. I attribute this to listening carefully each day to what my body needs and wants. I have found “Do you have the guts to be beautiful?” to be a loving adjunct to this daily dialogue. Like Drs. Ray and Daniels in their helpful guidebook, may we each claim an outer beauty—for ourselves and for our planet—that comes from deep within.” —Patricia Cannon Childs, Nashville, TN
“I have spent over 30 years searching for ‘simple’ health. My diet has always been a challenge to me, and I would frequently experience fatigue, bloating, and indigestion after meals. Thanks to whole food nutrition, the Green Drink, and the liver flush, I have never felt more alive and energized! I appreciate the weight loss as well—14 pounds in the first 35 days! My husband, Darrell, lost 16 pounds during the 10-day liver flush, and a total of 23 pounds in the first 35 days, even though he couldn’t be totally faithful during his travels. The natural beauty regimes are not only easy and fun, they’re inexpensive. I threw away all of my expensive non-edible makeup, and my skin is glowing! Thank you to Drs. Ray and Daniels for sharing this timely, ‘self-care’ message with everyone. You have truly blessed your readers!” —Judy Strickler, R.N., Clovis, CA
“The definition of beauty has eluded scholars, poets, mathematicians, writers, and the average person on the street ever since time began. The reason is that beauty is an holistic gestalt that is understood by our right brain (the artistic brain), but yet, we ask our left brain (the analytical brain) to describe it. Creating beauty is even more elusive, as can be witnessed by the plethora of treatments and procedures out there. Yet even with such intervention, very few patients actually look more beautiful. They simply look more done. The first step to understanding the complex nature of beauty is to recognize that not one person in human history has ever been made more beautiful by the removal of a single wrinkle or a solitary blemish. In Do you have the guts to be beautiful? Drs. Daniels and Ray have gone well beyond that first step. They not only understand that beauty is actually a sign of inner health, but also that inner health is reflected in the only areas of our body exposed to the outside world—namely, our skin and hair. Giving the gift of inner health to ourselves sends the subconscious messages to the world around us, and more importantly, to ourselves, that we are indeed beautiful—and we will have the glow to prove it. In their first book, Drs. Daniels and Ray have managed to bring the two sides of the brain—the artistic and the analytical—just a bit closer to each other. I look forward to passing on their insightful and very practical advice to my patients and family alike.” —Frederick A. Coville, M.D. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Worldwide Lecturer on Skin and Beauty London and New Jersey

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