Candida Cleaner Complete Live Workshop


Dr Daniels Candida Cleaner Workshop

“Complete – System LIVE Workshop”

Including LIVE Sessions, Recordings and Transcripts

Exclusive Early Access to Dr Daniels Candida Cleaner Workshop


Here is what you get…………

Note: Dr Daniels is now doing LIVE Trainings on her international hit Candida Cleaner. She no longer sells the book only access to this LIVE workshop which does include her original Candida Cleaner work.


  1. The Original Candida Cleaner Written Report
  2. The Original Candida Cleaner BONUS Audio called Kitchen Herbs
  3. 3 LIVE 1 Hour each Online Secret Group Sessions on Candida
  4. PDF Transcriptions of all 3 LIVE sessions
  5. FREE access to future LIVE Candida Cleaner sessions as an Alumni member this is a $380 per year value alone


The workshop will have 3 LIVE Dates

1. Thursday Nov 6th 3pm USA central (Chicago time)

2. Thursday Nov 13th 3pm USA central (Chicago time)

3. Thursday Nov 20th 3pm USA central (Chicago time)



7 FAQ about Candida Cleaner Workshops


1. If I had no background knowledge on Dr. Daniels’ Candida Cleaner, what could I expect to gain by purchasing the Candida Cleaner LIVE Workshop?  Especially since it replaces a book.
  • A Live up to date education on what is working now
  • Recent case studies of people using turpentine successfully
  • And what to do when turpentine is not enough
2. Who Should Attend this rare workshop:


  • People who are not sure of using turpentine but would like more knowledge
  • People who have tried turpentine and would like their questions answered
  • People who are curious


Who Should Not Attend:
  • People who are not ready to accept total responsibility for their health
  • People who need corporate sponsored research to guide their decisions
  • People who are looking for a “magic bullet”
  • People who have their mind made up about everything


3. Whats the Main Goal?
  • To deliver live with recent up to date information on how to identify and cleanse your candida issues.
4. Whats the format of Candida Cleaner Workshop?
  • Each session (same day each week for 3 weeks) is live for 1 hour and half the time Dr Daniels is presenting and the other half there is a Q & A.
  • A Recording follows to view or download after the session (usually 48 hours)
  • Transcripts follow in 5 to 7 business days
5. How should I prepare for the LIVE Sessions?
  • Be prepared to take notes and ask questions
6. Will there be recordings and if so how long will they be available and in what format?
  • Yes the original Candida Cleaner as well as the now new Workshop recordings from the live session and any slides Dr Daniels uses.
7. How often are these workshops open to the public?
  • Only 3-4 times a year but right now you not only get into this workshop but access to the others and the recordings.
  • In the future there will be an Alumni charge for joining future workshops after the first one. So this is an incredible yearly $380+ value for FREE!

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