Daniels Premiere Hand that Stirs the Pot

The hand that stirs the pot rules the world. Dr. Jennifer Daniels talks about how people can get involved with their own healing at home, through healthy food. She tells how a woman can heal everyone in her home with herbs, spices and good vegetables. The most important work occurs in the home, the work of living a life, and healing the family. Dr. Daniels gives specific examples of healing herbs.

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One thought on “Daniels Premiere Hand that Stirs the Pot

  1. I’m generally new to the show, and am listening to this replay for the first time, and I had a flashback to the movie “Little Women” (I also read the book as a girl, but I remember the movie scene very clearly). There’s a scene in that movie where one of the girls gets scarlet fever, and the mother is away taking care of her husband who was wounded in the Civil War. The older girls who are there don’t know of every healing method since they are still learning life-skills from their mother, and the rich family friends next door call their doctor. Well, the doctor’s methods don’t do much, and he says that they better call the mother. When she returns, she uses home methods, and the girl gets better. The sad part is that she doesn’t get all the way better, which I always attributed to the mother being away when the illness first came on. But it illustrates so clearly how a knowledgeable mother can heal her family when the medical industry fails. Same thing in a movie I saw on Lifetime in the ’90s called “First Do No Harm”, about a mother who was tired of her epileptic child’s health becoming progressively worse every time they went to the doctor/hospital and followed instructions based on the standard of care.