Discovery Session

Feeling Stuck and Frustrated with

Health Therapies?


“Discover how to make

your HEALING Spontaneous so

you can easily get the level of

health you want, even while you sleep…”



    You’ve been sold more insurance than results

    You’re disappointed with medications

    You’re worried about the long-term effects of therapies

    You’ve tried to heal naturally but progress eludes you

    You don’t know what else to do.


You dream of …

  • Waking up drug free

  • Feeling better each day

  • Healing even while you sleep

  • Having the freedom and flexibility to enjoy your life without being tied to a pill schedule!


You’re in the right place…

But right now, you might be feeling overwhelmed, STUCK and frustrated trying to get the right information. Your health insurance is NOT producing a sense of well-being…and you’ve been disappointed with your results.


I know what you’re going through, and you’re not alone! I help people like you get HUGE results with my Spontaneous Healing online programs.


I’d love to help you get started with a

Discovery Session for Spontaneous Healing.


You’ll get the chance to speak with Dr. Jennifer Daniels personally.

Together, we will explore your biggest challenges and what could be stopping you from getting the freedom and healing that you want.

You will receive a professional recommendation for what you need to get the best Spontaneous Healing and illness prevention results.

I will help you clarify your vision for your health and set you in motion with specific steps to meet your goals-Naturally.

My schedule fills up quickly! Please APPLY NOW if you’re serious about dramatically increasing your Spontaneous Healing and your health.

To APPLY for a Spontaneous Healing Session, enter your information in the secure form below.  My team will contact you within 1-3 business days to schedule your session if your application is approved.

Spontaneous Healing Discovery Session

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My team and I look forward to supporting you!

My warmest wishes for your Good Health,


Dr Jennifer (Healing is Natural) Daniels

Your Spontaneous Healing Mentor


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