Spontaneous Healing Discovery Session Application

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20 thoughts on “Spontaneous Healing Discovery Session Application

  1. please send me info. I’m very interested .I found out about Dr.Jennifer Daniels from my daughter in law wish gives me hope
    thank you Ethel

  2. I would like to have some info about where or how to buy the turpentine candida breaker

  3. Trying to help my sister n law she has lupus to the point of not being able to care for herself she is 31 and has small children please can you help

  4. I have an extreme candida overgrowth problem after IV antibiotic treatment for Lyme. I am looking forward to working with you.

  5. I received email request to grant permission to send info from healing session group. I have already filled out the above form. Do I need to fill it out again or is there another way I grant permission? I am looking forward to more info. I am reading the Candida Cleaner this evening. I have Lyme disease and I am always looking for ways to improve my health naturally as I deal with multiple problems. I have been taking turpentine for about 3 weeks now but with no knowledge of your protocol. Just now learning what your protocol is from the report I’m just getting an opportunity to read. Look forward to any info you may have on Lyme. Thank you for the personal sacrifices you have made for the well being of others

  6. Hi Bonny,

    Thank you. We will review your application and will let you know if you are qualified or not.


  7. Hi I just filled out the application. I am 74 female, I take no meds. I have no pains except in foot if I walk too far. I usually walk about 1.5 mi. per day. In good health except for tumor under arm near armpit. No diagnosis so far. I am looking forward to getting rid of this tumor without surgery. I dont want to do that.

  8. Hi Dr Daniels,
    I have forwarded you site ( which I found today),
    to a friend whose sister has cancerous lumps
    in her leg.
    I know you can help her.

    With kind regards


  9. I do not work with endstage cancer. I would recommend the Gerson institute at her present stage or leaving the US and going to a place where you can get hemp oil

  10. I am working to help my sister-in-law save her life. She is 50 and has inflammatory breast cancer spread to her colon and other locations.