Do You Have The Guts to Be Beautiful


Do You Have The Guts To Be Beautiful?

Do You Have The Guts To Be Beautiful?

Do You Have The Guts To Be Beautiful?

Dr Daniels' ground breaking revelation of the connection between beauty and diet, as well as easy natural ways to bridge the gap between what you know you should do and what you actually do.  After applying even a few suggestions in this book, your friends and family will see the difference in days.


This book will help you save hundreds of dollars on beauty aids that may be stealing your youthful appearance and helps you avoid expensive interventions to preserve your beauty.

Hear what customers are saying:

“For over a year or more, I had already been making green drinks and focusing on a plant based diet about 90% of the time. Reading this book reaffirmed my commitment to the diet I follow, and I also started doing the facials. I have also seen two separate aestheticians for skin care regularly over the last four years. Both of these aestheticians have said that my skin has never looked healthier, cleaner, clearer, and even the pores are smaller! My friends are also asking me what am I doing differently. This is it. I’ve been able to do the facial regularly for nine months now because it is really simple and very inexpensive! Thanks Drs. Ray and Daniels for providing me the last pieces of the puzzle to looking and feeling great.”
—Nikki Cotton, Ashland, OR

“After two decades of buying expensive beauty products, I am so excited to treat myself with recipes that are friendly to the environment and safe for my skin. I am amazed at the results I have received in just three short weeks and will continue to use Dr. Daniels’ simple and affordable regimen. Thank you, Dr. Ray, for sharing this valuable information with all of us.”
—Heidi Beard, Gig Harbor, WA

The price, 28.99 is an absolute steal.

This book is in print form and will be shipped to your door.  Your purchase is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee.  If for any reason, you are not 100% thrilled with your purchase, just send an email to [email protected] and you will receive a 100% no questions asked refund.

I want to make it so easy for you to order your copy today, that I am giving a $5.00 discount. 

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