Dozens of Drugs Recalled

Not ok in the UK but ok in the US. Drugs recalled by the European Union due to flawed research. But FDA days no problem Dr. Daniels shares the secret list that is not even shared with US doctors. Many of these drugs are available in the US as over the counter and prescription preparations. Not ok in the UK but ok in the US. Tune in. Think Happens.

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One thought on “Dozens of Drugs Recalled

  1. In June I went for a check up and had this new doctor because mine retired. The gal insisted I had to have have a pneumonia shot and I told her a doctor told me never to get it because I was allergic to it. She tells me if I don’t take it my Medicare will be cut off. Well I take it and within 20 minutes this awfull headache started the put me in bed for 4 days. I finally got up and went and got a bottle of Zertec for 24 hours I would get relief, then had to take more for a good week. At that time my joints in my ankles and knees started to get worse with pain. It was a few weeks later your web site popped up on something I was looking into. I started listening to your radio shows and had been through over half now and wished I had found you years ago. I am om my 7th week of turpentine and slowly losing weight, about 12 #’s now. I have eaten organic for years because I love to garden and stay away from chemicals at all cost. I do have an ocassional chip or pasta and watch that because I have Celiac Dease, so I eat a lot of fruit and vegitables. Fortunately I love vegies and have a Amish friend we buy our beef, chickens and turkeys from. My husband is a hunter and we eat venison too. I have a lot of allergies and every time I go to the doctor they shove high blood pressure drugs at me which some I try for a week or so but when I can’t swallow or breathe just going up the stairs I quit them which doesn’t my my cadiologist happy. He said a year ago you have a very strong heart but you need a perscription for high blood pressure or you will stoke out. I said ya you guys have been telling me that for over 15 years, and he gleared at me. I listen to mybody and when I don’t feel right on something I quit taking them, I wean myseft off slowly. My mother died in 1991 from Helcion which gave her cancer all over. Her doctor said 15 of his patients were on it for 10 plus years like her and all got cancer and died. Then my father was on the drug for Alsheimers and got CHF from it and died in 2009 from that. The medicine that you were talking about in this radio show was the one he took. Six months later my younger brother die from diabetic medicine that gave him CHF too. How I wish I heard about you years ago. I would tell my husband all the time after coming home from a doctor visit, those doctors are just playing Russian Rollet with me to see which drug will kill me. Six and a half years ago I had a sist on my middle finger of my left hand and the doctor said it had to be removed so in I go for another operation. I called the office 4 days in a row and asked to see a doctor because this finger hurt so bad. No I was told can’t see a doctor, on the 4th day I said I am coming in because my finger is all black and infection is coming out. Well I am in the waiting room and the doc comes in and starts toward me and backs way up. You need to go straight to the hospital and 4 hours later they have me in the operation room carving my hand all up. I took them 5 days to find something to stop the infection. The kept telling my well we are going to have to cut our hand off because we can’t find anything to stop it. I was so drugged up at that time it didn’t bother me, they finally put a pick line in and gave me vancomiasin and later levaquin. My husband was a Paramedic so when I got home he hooked me up to it twice a day. I have a good neighbor friend that is a nurse and she came once a week to chand=ge the pick line patch. I was lucky they caught the and I still have my hand, I sew a lot and I am so glad I have it. Well I know all these drugs gave me galbladder stone, so 3 months later another operation out comes my galbladder. I check up a month lather amother heria, doctor said some patients get one from operations, this one is above my belly botton. I told my husband enough is enough and I have never had that fixed. After exploratory surgery at age 21, a different hernia, a lap. operation on c-1 through c-6 I finally found a Chiroprator who is a Maxmine Living Dr. He has straighten my spine from scoliocus as a child to to helping out with the neck pain from the operation I am doing prett good now. I have had 3 laser treatments for glacoma and I am scared to what comes next if my numbers don’t come down. My question is, do parasites cause glacoma and cateract? The other day something came off the outside of my eye like a flap. I kept putting drops in it and liquid silver the next day it was gone, could that have been my caterac, a couple weeks earier the same thing happened to the other eye? And what is your take on liquid silver, I have a machine and make my own? Sencerely Linda Cole