Extreme Health Radio: Dr. Jennifer Daniels: Why Turpentine Is Good For Your Health

Today we spoke with Dr. Jennifer Daniels from Vitality Capsules about Turpentine or Pure Gum Spirits as it’s often called. She talked about how taking Turpentine can help kill pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold, yeast and candida in the body.

Symptoms like bloating, gas and even diseases like cancer can all be related to high level yeast infections.

Very interesting show. Please pass it on!

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3 thoughts on “Extreme Health Radio: Dr. Jennifer Daniels: Why Turpentine Is Good For Your Health

  1. Dear Dr. Daniels,
    My wife gave Turpentine to our 11 year old son about6-7 months ago without properly hydrating him before as your protocol calls for. Shortly after he could not focus, had extreme foggy brain, and sad to say his personality changed to one of anger, and since then says he does feel alive. I was at a loss as to what happened, until I reviewed your radio program and realized that our son had possibly had a major Herx. So we stopped giving him any more of the turpentine. Now, months later, our son still feels the same with very little improvement. He is focusing better with his studies, but still does not feel alive, and still has anger issues. We did try the Sota Instruments (Magnetic Pulser, Silver Pulser, along with Colloidal Silver for 3 days when progressively developed a rash throughout his body. Strangely on the third day he had a rash over half his upper body, except for his face, joints on his hands and feet were a dark pink and he was not able to walk without crutches, and his legs were covered with hundreds of legions of what appeared to be broken blood vessels. We then took him to our local children’s hospital which could not explain what was going on, but checked him for leukemia, which came out negative. The only thing they thought was autoimmune disease. No meds were given, he was sent home after 3 hours, and we stopped the Sota Instruments, and by the next day he began to clear up quickly and walked normal. The complete rash and broken capillaries healed within 48 hours. Was this a parasite die off? Obviously our son has something going on, but we are at a loss? Please help! What can we do to kill parasites in the brain, if that is what he has? Thank you!