Former Pharmaceutical Rep Speaks Out

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Mr. Scheben is a former Drug Company Representative who shares his experiences in that position, its effect on his life and how he is now living off grid and accepting responsibility for his food supply, his water and his health and why you should too. Tune in. Think Happens.

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2 thoughts on “Former Pharmaceutical Rep Speaks Out

  1. Hi Dr. Daniels. I’ve been checking out your recorded lectures for the past two months and have been enjoying them immensely. Thank goodness that I’ve been an ALL Natural woman for my entire adult life – no drugs, only a good diet (which I tweak and refine as need arises) I’ve been on the turpentine protocol for the same mount of time and since systemic candida has been an issue with me for decades, I plan to continue for awhile, as you recommend in your report. I’ve always been suspicious of the “Medical Industrial Complex” and your lectures have given me the insider perspective that is absolutely irrefutable. That being said – I REALLY was looking forward to the recorded interview with the former Drug rep – Mr. Sheben! It cannot be accessed! I’ve made several attempts to listen and it doesn’t exist!!! (big sigh) Is there another way that people can obtain a transcript of this? please advise. Thanks much. Francine Martin

  2. The guest is full of prepackaged rhetoric. He talks as if he has memorized a script and can’t seem to remember anything else. He dodges your questions and seems like a salesman with no substance.