Management of 10 Common Infections

Avoid the Kill Pill Therapies

10 Common Remedies
to Infections Without
using Antibiotics

How I was able to stop prescribing antibiotics

The modern use of antibiotics has been a mixed blessing if a blessing at all.  The present epidemic of hospital deaths from drug resistant bacteria has been caused solely by the use of antibiotics – justified or not. 100,000 Americans die each year from Hospital Acquired Infections

What is not generally understood is that 80% of antibiotic use happens on farms and the antibiotic does not require a prescription.  Antibiotics are routinely placed in animal feed to get animals to grow faster.  Animals are injected with antibiotics as well.  You are being fed these Kill Pills without your knowledge or consent.

When your normal bacteria are exposed to these antibiotics, they become resistant.  This is the origin of the hospital superbugs and 100,000 hospital deaths each year. These antibiotics are dispersed in our food supply.  You are developing these resistant bacteria in the privacy of your home at the dinner table. 


When you enter the hospital, an IV or other invasive therapy is initiated which allows bacteria that was harmlessly sitting on your skin or in your nostrils to penetrate into the blood stream and cause death.  There is person to person spread in the hospital as well.  But, this is a secondary event.   

Of course, you could stop consuming foods from animals that receive antibiotics. This is not easy because the food is not labeled. In general, any animal products such as milk, beef, pork, chicken, turkey or eggs have been treated with antibiotics. The short cut is to become vegetarian.  A more measured approach is to raise your own animals, eat only wild game, or buy only from a farmer who does not use antibiotics.

In addition to the food supply, people also request antibiotics from their doctor.  Many people fail to appreciate the origin of this word; anti = against, biotic = life.  This class of medicines is anti life, pro death or, simply – a kill pill.  We have been conditioned to believe that these kill pills only kill microbes.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Time has indicated that these kill pills are killing humans.

This report has some helpful remedies you can use BEFORE you resort to a kill pill.  The fewer kill pills you take, the longer you live.

So, here it is the top secret plan and Healing formula that is suitable for all ages.

The starting place to protect yourself is to try non-drug therapy for any infection that is not life threatening since the use of antibiotics is life threatening.

Death from antibiotics comes as a direct result of the drug itself (many are directly lethal to humans) or indirectly when the antibiotic causes death due to the emergence of resistant organisms, candida or long term development of cancer.

If an infection is not life threatening, it stands to reason that you have 3 days to try non-drug therapy before resorting to antibiotics. I believe this is a beneficial approach. 

I have used this in my medical practice for years and have never had a person who tried non-drug therapy first have to resort to an antibiotic.  It reached a point that I did not have to prescribe antibiotics at all. I was able to put the lethal prescription pad to rest.

Antibiotics create the need for more antibiotics. Whenever an antibiotic is used, there is weakening of the immune system.  That is just what they do. 

Antibiotics cause illnesses such as hypertension, arthritis, anxiety, depression, that keep you coming back to the doctor.  This puts you into a cycle of taking more and more medications while getting sicker.

I have organized these remedies by symptom category. This is for your convenience. 15 years of experience has shown that the very gentle formula for gastroenteritis, when used daily can reverse hypertension and arthritis.  It also breaks a fever in minutes and stops a nagging cough as well.  When used in infants, it can be administered by a dropper.  1cc or ¼ tsp. usually does the trick.

These formulas are all made of spices that may be sitting in your kitchen right NOW.  If they are not, then there are no worries.  Just get them from the grocer and have them on hand.

Insider secrets about healing at home:

There is no wait. The remedy can usually be administered in less time than it takes for the car to warm up.

There is no toxicity because the dosing is flexible.  You just take it until you feel better

There is no record you were ever ill; no paper trail that can cause increased insurance premiums or be used against you in other ways.

Below is a list of common infections and corresponding non-drug therapies:


1. Pharyngitis:  Gargle with salt water; 1 tsp. salt in 1 cup of warm purified water.  Take 3 garlic capsules 4 times a day and chew on sage leaves.  6 fresh leaves a day. Do not use sage leaves if you are pregnant or nursing.

Do not use garlic if you are using blood thinners.

2. Yeast Vaginitis: Boil 1 liter of purified water and 2 tsp. garlic powder for 10 minutes.  Strain if there are lumps.  Add enough water to make a liter.  Let cool to less than 95 degrees.  Douche with this 2 times a day until you feel all better.  Takes 1 to 3 days.

3. Cellulitis: Wash with soap and water.  Pat dry.  If there is no break in the skin, apply Vicks vapor rub 3 times a day. Do an enema.  Your body is unable to remove the infectious agents to the colon because there is too much stuff there already.  If this is a serious skin infection, take 3 garlic capsules 4 times a day.

4. Sinusitis: Mix 2 tsp. salt in 2 cups of water. Heat until the salt is dissolved. Add 2 cups of room temp water. Let cool until water is slightly warm.  Fill neti pot and pour 2 cups through each nostril. Repeat this daily until clear.  For more severe cases, apply castor oil over the forehead, just below the eyes, across the nose and at the temples. Do this at bedtime and repeat as needed.  Also get dried or fresh mint.  Place 1 to 2 tsp. in your mouth and chew.  Continue to chew until it is the consistency of chewing gum.  Swallow. This can be repeated as needed.

5. Bronchitis: This is different from pneumonia as there is a larger component of airway irritation. Increase water intake to 1 gallon a day of purified water.  Eliminate all non-water beverages. Eliminate dairy products.  Drink 1 heaping tsp. ascorbic acid or vitamin C powder, 2 times a day in 1 pint of water until clear.  Then, taper the vitamin C.

6. Pneumonia:  If you are weak, you may need help with this.  Apply Vicks vapor rub to every part of your chest where there are ribs.  Repeat this 3 times a day.  Eliminate dairy totally from your diet, do an enema, take 10 deep breaths 3 times a day.  Lay on your tummy with your body and feet cross ways over the bed. Inch forward until your head is almost touching the floor, Bending at the waist.  This allows gravity to drain the infection from your lungs. Cough the stuff out into a tissue or cup.  Assume this position as much as is comfortable or 2 times a day for 10 minutes. Use hydrogen peroxide 3% from the grocery store.  Take  3 to 6 drops in 1 cup of water 2 times a day.  This puts oxygen back into your blood. Many holistic experts object to using the cheap stuff from the grocery.  I have not had any difficulty with it in terms of effectiveness.  Some people gag at the smell of it.  If you are one of these people, do not use it.

7. Otitis Media: Purchase Garlic and mullein eardrops in oil from your local health food store.  Slowly fill affected ear.  Plug with cotton and sleep with that ear up. May repeat nightly although one treatment usually is enough.  Discontinue all dairy products.

8. Conjunctivitis:  Purchase a glass eye cup.  Mix ½ tsp. salt and 1 cup purified water.  Be sure all salt is dissolved.  Fill eyecup with this solution.  Bend forward and press eyecup to your eye.  Stand up straight and tip your eye toward the sky.  Blink several times.  Pour the water out of the eyecup, wipe your eye and repeat.  Do this 3 times a day.

9. Gastroenteritis – Vomiting and Diarrhea-Boil 1 tablespoon fennel seed, 1 crushed clove of garlic, ½ tsp. cloves in 1 quart of water, for 15 minutes.  Strain, sip until vomiting goes away and as needed for diarrhea.  Works even if you only have one symptom.  I have used this with better results than the pharmaceuticals I was trained to prescribe.  Also, drink water; 1 tsp. salt in 1 liter of water until you have ingested the total amount you lost in vomit and diarrhea.  If you are having trouble estimating this, weigh yourself.  If you are less than your usual weight, subtract and multiply by one half. This is the number of liters of salt solution you should drink.  This can save your vacation.  Do an enema with 2 tsp. salt water and 1 quart of purified water. If you do not have access to purified water, do not do the enema.

10. Infected Gum or Tooth:  Suddenly the pain hits.  Going to the dentist is not convenient. Cut a 1-inch by 2 inches piece from a white tee shirt.  Douse it with clove oil.  Fold into a wad. Stuff it between the gum and you cheek right where the pain is.  This acts as an anesthetic and disinfectant.  Replace this every 12 hours as needed. Take 3 garlic capsules 4 times a day.  If you miss a dose, take the next dose. Do not make up a missed dose. Not safe if you are on blood thinning medication.  This works well.  The decision to go to the dentist is yours.

That is it.  You now have enough information to avoid kill pill therapies in 90% of cases where it might be offered.  The next step is to use this information.

Some people might think these natural methods are a lot of trouble to go through.  When you consider the stress of leaving your house to go to the doctor appointment, the parking, the wait time, the inevitable trip to the pharmacy and the wait there, this is a much simpler and more comfortable approach.  Also, this natural approach allows you to delegate the shopping to a friend or relative and you can heal in the comfort of your home.  Click the link below to find out more about working with Dr. Daniels and to get lifesaving information.



This document is a combination of information found in medical literature and information acquired by clinical observation by Dr. Jennifer Daniels in her medical clinical practice.  It should not be construed as medical advice.  You are advised to consult with your health provider in regards to any medical decision that may relate to your health.  This document is for informational purposes only.  Nothing, including communications with Dr. Daniels, should be taken as medical advice.  You should not act upon anything without first discussing it with your health provider.   Any information is provided as is with all faults, with no representations or warranties of any kind expressed or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  You assume total responsibility and risk for using this information and any sources related to it.  No oral or written information shall take precedence over this warranty.  In no event will Everyday Vitality LLC, its employees, directors or agents be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken in reliance upon the information provided in this document.  This ends the disclaimer.


Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD/MBA








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78 thoughts on “Management of 10 Common Infections

  1. Dear Sulaiman,
    Thank you for your comment. Dr Daniels has prepared a comprehensive report on the healing powers and use of turpentine. You can get the report FREE here:

    Thank you,

  2. Dear Sherry,

    I had asked Dr Daniels about your concern and here is her response:
    Parasites this extensive require sequential coordinated approach. Start with downloading the Candida Cleaner at
    Then read it thoroughly. I am available for individual guidance and you can find out more here at:

    Thank you,
    Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  3. Thank you for the newsletters that I am just getting started with!
    My problems begun years ago with dental issues and finally implants,always involving strong antibiotics..finally after years of ignoring digestive issues being streated for hpylori..then more candida..need I say more! trying to regulate my constipation with the Vitality and begin the Turp/sugar..very hopeful. About to be 74 and basically active healthy I thought .Under Dr. Care but chose to stop the nystatin and fuquinol as am having yellow tongue that I still have abit of..
    Hoping to be better soon!

  4. Thank you for your post. These are remedies Dr Daniels used in her medical practice and observed they worked better than the prescription pad. Please keep us posted.

  5. Thank you Dr. Daniels, I just received these natural remedies via email. I hope the sinusitis remedy will nip sinus infections before they begin. I know when I’m about 2-3 days from a full blown infection. I hate antibiotics and all meds, so I normally try to heal myself, which in years past didn’t always work. So, by the time I ended up at my ENT, I was a mess. Once it turned into walking pneumonia and then several years later, I let it go to long and the ENT put me on the worst antibiotic, ever. I could actually feel my insides screaming – I kept the bottle to remind me. I will walk out of any doctor office before taking that again, it was that horrible. I call it the EVIL antibiotic. I knew it was potent when the pharmacist himself came from behind the counter and pulled me to the side. His eyes/face spoke clearly to me even though his words were mechanical. I was given Avelox. It was $356.00 for 4 pills! I tried it in the a.m. and within an hour I was doubled over in pain, not to mention walking into walls from dizziness. I took the last three before bed with food and that seemed to help my stomach, but if I got up in the middle of the night, I was walking into walls and nearly crawling because my joints hurt so badly. I tried to get my doc to prescribe something else, but he flat refused. He said I was about 24 hours away from being admitted to the hospital for the infection and I needed that script. The only thing I knew to do, take an excellent probiotic. So, thanks again for these remedies, I am printing them!

  6. Hi Dr. Daniels,

    Is there anything that can be done to kill parasites in your arms, legs, back and head? Is anything able to reach them there to kill them?

    Thank you,

  7. Thank you so much for the valuable information. When is the best time to take the sugar cube and turpentine. My mother used to give it to me when I was young. She couldn’t remember if she gave it to in the morning or evening. When taking it I never had to the doctor.

  8. Dear Doc. Jennifer,
    Thanks a lot for the priceless information. I’ve had three teeth removed and two implants inserted at once a week ago ( Zr implants not a Ti). I was put on two types of antibiotics 3 times a day for 7 days. It’s been impossible! In the past I usually feel terrible after taking of some doze. It drives me crazy. I never been hysterical .. I even didn’t know how it feels… I cry and shoot in the air. Before the surgery I have asked my husband’s naturopathic doctor for his opinion . He told me that I can utterly and completely substitute antibiotics with Ehinacea roots and leafs in this case . I bought extra strengths Ehinacea and took 1 capsule 3 times a day. Also I was prescribed with anti-inflammatory steroid drug. I was told that I can substitute with Arnica Montana 200x every 2-3 hrs by the day of the surgery and continue 3 times a day during the week.

  9. HI…
    What works best to eradicate h pylori? What are the best probiotics to help strengthen your gut biome in assisting getting rid of it for good?


  10. Dear Aurora,

    I shared your email with Dr Daniels and this is her reply:

    The rash is causes by the formula. Ingredients in the formula are causing the problem. You can continue to change formulas or foods. If you would like my assistance sorting it out, I would recommend a Discovery session. It would be necessary to send a copy of the label or link to the formula website and I could review it and offer alternatives.

    Here is the link to a Discovery Session.

    Please check your email for the response as well.

    Thank you,

    Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  11. Hi Dr Daniel’s
    My grandson Dominick who is turning 7 months old June 5th has what looks like exzcema on his body, knees, wrist, and his ankles. He had it since birth. He was born at 38 weeks, had jaundice and was only breast fed for 21 days or so. We took him off government provided formula and bought him organic formula. Still no change. What can I do?

  12. Thank you very much from Dr Daniels. Chew on sage or gargle with sage tea for a sore throat.

  13. Thank you so much for all you do!!! You are my new hero! I found you on One News Network with Patrick and went from there. I have been listening to all of your interviews while I work out every day and learn so much with every video and podcast I find! I ordered your Vitality capsules and the Guts to Be Beautiful book and Cant wait to get them!!!! Any remedies for a sore throat that my husband has??? Love you to pieces!! Sincerely, Nancy Mcdonald

  14. Indeed these helpful health nuggets will be a tremendous help. Thank you, Dr. Daniels, for being an advocate for individuals who have sought medical advice only from those within the healthcare industry far too long.

    It is time to take charge of our own lives. With the help that you have offered, this is a great beginning point.

  15. I am truly blessed to have found you.I have learn so much in just a few days.You are indeed a blessing.

  16. We would like for you, Dr. J to be on our global internet radio show. Please call us at 714 797 9707 (Yusef EL) or 609 560 6764 (Paul David Savage EL) 714 507 8922 (Q Ali). Tell them Gloria suggested you call. We NEED you! Thank You!!! May the favor of The ALL MIGHTY be with you and keep you in complete peace and prosperity.

  17. It’s really very informative about nature cure. I am glad to have found this page. Keep up the good work.


  18. Good morning Dr. Daniels, thank you for sending avoid kill pill therapies. Would you please explain which purified water is recommended, thanks again. Have a wonderful day. GC

  19. Hello I been dealing with body odor problems since being on antibotic for 6 months last year for acne. The odor comes thru my pores and everywhere. When I sweat the odor is worst. I been on turpentine for less than a week, but I’m still having odor. I have seen every kind of Dr. Still having body odor. I would like to have problem fixed.


  20. Hello,
    I’m glad I found this site. I’ve actually been reading your book, The Lethal Dose. Unfortunately, I didn’t read it before using Metrogel on my face for Rosacea. I now have more acne and a yeast infection (that is clearing up). Do you have any natural remedies for Roseacea? It’s a mild case. Normally just redness, but since using Metrogel, I’ve had a break-out (thought Metrogel was supposed to minimize break-outs!)

    Thank you. No pharmaceuticals!

  21. Dear Dr. Daniels,

    Thank you for your wonderfully informative videos and interview on you tube. You are a genuine heroine for challenging the medical establishment and for pointing out that which shoud be so obvious to your colleagues and you do so in a way which is so articulate, delightful, and persuasive that I could listen to you talk all day.

    I am sure that there are millions of Americans out there that would love to hear what you have to say. Your presentations are truly remarkable.

    In any event I wanted to tell you that the turpentine cure may not be as remote in time as you suggest. Last week I visited a rural part of North Carolina with a friend for her aunt’s funeral. While there I had occasion to visit with my friend’s other aunt and one of the things we discussed was home remedies. I asked her if she had ever heard of using turpentine. Much to my surprise she told me that she was given a teaspoon of this on a sugar cube as a child if she was sick and asked if you could even get it anymore. This woman was African American and in her early 70’s, which means that turpentine was still in common usage as a tonic in parts of the South as late as the 1940’s.

    I thought that you might find this to be of interest and thank you again for your remarkable and life saving work. You are a blessing and I tell all of my friends to listen to you. I expect to be ordering your capsules soon.

  22. Dr. Daniels,
    Thank God for sending someone like you to all of us…..we are blessed. I heard you for the first time on Republic Broadcasting last night and was overjoyed. Thank you for having the courage and integrity to walk away from the medical bullies. I worked in healthcare for several years and have no respect for doctors, as I have seen what they do and how “unethical” they are.

    Thanks so much for being who you are!!!!

  23. Hello and thank you. I’m a long-time struggler with Candida, from a family where women die young from Cancer. My adoptive father used natural medicines and osteopathy, giving me the option to try alternatives. I’m having good results for turpentine against the candida, so thankful. I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist, spent 8 1/2 years teaching yogic breathing techniques for PTSD in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Awesome results. The Sudarshan Kriya of the Art Of Living Courses also strengthens the immune system, increases alpha and beta wave activity in the brain. There are many other benefits. Please check it out, and prayers for your well being and prosperity,
    Ann Godwin

  24. Thank you so much for the rich insight you give in this newsletter. I’m so impressed that all of your suggestions seem so easy to do, and am most interested in your answer to sinusitis.

  25. I’m so happy to hear about this remedy. I just recently had a discussion with a friend about Brown Recluse bites, and I’ve personally seen half of a man’s face eaten away to necrotic flesh by this toxin. The doctor’s treatment was completely ineffective. I think that large doses of Vitamin C can also act as an antitoxin, as well, topically and internally.

  26. Thank you so very much. Wanted to mention that I was bit by a brown recluse several years ago, went to doc, was given shot of antibiotics. Told a friend,and she packed the hole in center of bite with golden seal powder on Tues after bit on Saturday. All signs of bite mostly gone in 5 or so days. M y friend said her baby had been bit twice on bottom by brown recluse. She did not believe in doctors and was freaking out. She not knowing what to do grabbed her golden seal and packed bites. Thank God the bites went away. So she knew exactly how to help me and I am so thankful! Again thank you so much for your information!

  27. HI! I just e-mailed you about taking the turpentine and not felling good and worried as it has been 3 week s. I don’t methalate as I have the genetic defect. What do you think of that. I guess I don’t get rid of my toxins. Thanks! Jo-Ann Please reply

  28. Dr. Daniels, yesterday I found your interviews on YouTube and today I bought your book ‘Do You Have The Guts To Be Beautiful?’ After listening to some of your interviews and looking forward to reading your book, I would like to thank you, for having boldness in standing up for integrity. Again thank you for keeping your pledge against all odds ‘DO NO HARM’. Continued blessings

  29. Thank you for this info! At the moment I just finished a round of Bactrim for UTI. This list does not include any remedy for UTIs which I seem to be easily susceptible to since doing coffee enemas for detox therapy. I DO NOT want to take antibiotics ever again! and I tried to avoid this time, but it was not going away with cranberry, DMannose, ACV and all the water I could drink! I did take it with colloidal silver and then upped my Probiotics afterward. Any other suggestions to prevent and/or cure in the future?

    May YHVH bless you mightily for your honest work.

  30. Thank you so very much for this information I’m not on medication thank goodness, and I have never really followed up prescriptions when the doctor has given them to me , I only visit the surgery for a diagnoses , and treat myself .
    I’ve been doing a body cleanse and bringing up a lot of green flange going through tissues like mad , I have been told to get on antibiotics ( anti life pills ) thank god I found you . God bless you and keep you safe x

  31. Hi, Dr Daniels
    I’ve recently had a nasty flare up of candida which is rare for me, from my gut to my mouth and itchy scalp and elsewhere. I have just taken my first dose of turpentine, about 3/4 tsp. I wasnt entirely clear on the amount to take as in too soaked sugar, less than teaspoon not effective? etc, so also i welcome some clarification there, please. I am also hoping to get pregnant soon. While i can imagine turpentine is not something i could take well into a pregnancy, if i were to take the twice a week dose in the very first stages of conception is this dangerous?
    thank you

  32. This is wonderful information. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to receiving more reports about natural healers!

  33. Hello, I always like to read about natural medicine, and I wish that you have an office in Orlando Fl. because the only turpentine that it said 100% is in Home Depot. Well I don’t know if I can use that one. would you please let me know where I can buy it.

  34. You have my permission to send me your news letters and any other published information to my e-mail address. I’d also like to know how to find the books written by Dr. Daniels and also the CD’s that are available please…….Lloyd

  35. Excited to find this website. Love you, Jennifer. Thank you for your courage and integrity.

  36. I would like to know how to use turpentine for scalp’s eczema. I have used many different things, but none has worked for long. It usually aliviates, but the blisters keep coming back.

    I would like to use the turpentine to kill candida because I have the impression that that is the root cause, based on my experience.

    Thanks in advance and congratulation on your move to Panama. I have been there and it’s a beautiful place.

  37. @Tom,

    Really curious about your success with turpentine to cure sinusitis and other ailments. Could you provide the protocol you used?

    Thanks in advance

  38. Please get back to me with information regarding your product concerning the flushing of the gallbladder and liver.
    I’m waiting on it to use before applying the self-treatment of turpentine to rid myself of what I expect to be an infiltration of parasites.
    Thank You.

  39. I am an acupuncturist with a degree in medicine. Most of these home remedies are known to me. I would like some information on the use of turpentine in very chronic sinusitis

  40. 2945 river rd. thanks-thanks-thanks so very much!!!!–I have suffered for years with a candida infection of my sinuses–which i keep sorta under control with sinus rinses with salt water with 10 to 20 drops of provodine 10 % and 4 drops of water soluble orageno oil. My relief with turp was almost immediate. I have more energy–less arthritis–and a large kidney stone has stopped hurting. I have had some relief with other remedies–ozone insufflation, which requires expensive equipment–peroxide drips at 144.00 each etc. Your remedy is totally inexpensive and available to everyone. YOU GO GIRL !!!

  41. Dr Daniels feels your distress is being exploited as an opportunity to heap on irrelevant therapies. Interstitial Cystitis is caused by an overload of chemicals, usually antibiotics. Reversing this by water fasting or removing chemicals from your life is the quickest way to relief. Click here to find our more about how Dr Daniels can help.

  42. Dear Doctor, I am an R.N with much research have concluded I have Interstitial Cystitis. Do you have a suggestion for the horrible pain and fatigue associated with this as well as mood swings. I have been on Amocicillin for a couple months which gave me great relief at first and then i got a UTI caused by E Coli from dirty water that I went swimming in. I also have been told to balance my hormones with bio identical hormones. Your thoughts. Many Thanks

  43. This is regarding the ‘candida cleaner’ [turpentine]. I am adding 4 to 8 drops to the sunflower seed oil which I use for the oilpulling therapy. A tooth abscess came out into a ‘blister’ on my gum. It opened and is spilling out the infection. My tooth is no longer in pain.
    I recommend adding turpentine to the tooth cleaner, oilpulling oil, bath, gargle, skin ointments and be creative. Add it to anything at all for healing benefits.

  44. dr. daniels, i have diabetes. they say! is there something i could do to stop using insulin? my sugar now is about 250. also, do i have to keep poking my fingers to check my sugar?and is there any drink such as juice, pop or anything not diet that i can have without my sugar skyrocketing? thank you

  45. Please let me add that I heard you speaking with John Stadtmiller The National Intel Report on the Republic Broadcasting Network just now–live, I believe and didn’t realize it is midnight in Panama where you are, so thank you again! You sounded so wide awake! Must be the good way of living you do!

  46. Dr Daniels; Thank you for fearlessly and unselfishly championing self empowerment! This report gives concise information in few words, much like prized recipes! Relaxing in the comfort of one’s own home is a key ingredient that allows our bodies to heal thoroughly and peacefully. Personally, I have been living this way most of my life and encourage it with others whenever possible. Similar techniques are wonderful for creatures we share life with who may need our help. Bless you.

  47. Thank you so much for being so brave. I work in digital education/elearning in medical schools, I’ve worked in NY, Europe and Caribbean and it’s the same story everywhere! An open secret that much BS is going on in the name of Health, spelt $$$$. And it continues as so few medical folks have the balls to stand firm . Even in the caribbean, where traditional indigenous herbal health meets Afrikan systems in places like Suriname, Trinidad etc. I’m including family members here, who will use herbal/traditional/folk medicine methods themselves and they’re doctors. So thank you for being brave and putting this info out there.
    I came across your podcast while being on the otherside of the world (gotta love the web)

  48. Dr Daniels – simply AWESOME! I’m very happy to hear more and more people are awakening to the truth about “medicine”, as defined by man. May the Lord bless you!
    Thank you

  49. Please send me the Natural Healing newsletter along with any information regarding avoiding antibiotics, etc. Thank you.

  50. Dr. Daniels,
    I listened to you on Deanna’s show today.
    You are terrific and what a breath of fresh air!

  51. Dr. Daniels,

    I am listening right now to the interview that you are having with Deanna Spingola and am VERY excited to hear you and the COMMON Sense

    approach that you have for ANYTHING ‘Medical’.

    My son Brian, married a girl who has MULTIPLE medical issues, in particular, Endometritus, which leaves her absolutely MISERABLE !!!!

    Do you have any insights you might be able to share with me on this issue? I (we) would be MOST grateful.

    Cynthia (Cindi) Rinck