Get Your Prerogative Back

Is Lack of Prerogative Killing you?

Dr Daniels revives the concept of Prerogative and Shows you ways to exercise your prerogative and save your life. Tune in. Think Happens.

In the rare case that the above embedded player fails to work for you, you can download the .mp3 directly to your computer and play it with the media player of your choice.

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2 thoughts on “Get Your Prerogative Back

  1. Haha, Paul it’s amazing that it is you that is asking the question, considering your last name (spelled a little differently). The song (used under fair use policy, as intro/outro music) can be found here ▶ Thompson Twins – Doctor! Doctor! – YouTube

    “Doctor Doctor” is a single by the British hard rock band UFO, written by the band’s, at the time, new guitarist, Michael Schenker and original singer Phil Mogg. Released in 1974, it was extracted from the album Phenomenon, but it did not enter the UK Singles Chart. The song eventually charted in 1979, when a live version taken from the live album Strangers in the Night was released as a single and became the first hit for the band. In 2010, a live version with Vinnie Moore was released in the “Best of a Decade” album.

    It remains a staple in every concert of UFO and of Michael Schenker Group and has been covered on stage and in the recording studios by heavy metal bands, most notably by Iron Maiden, who also used the song as the last one being played over the PA just before the show starts, on recent tours.

  2. Please would you let me know your theme song’s title and band. Thanks for your exceptional show and case stories.
    Best regards!