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24 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Hi Dr. Jennifer, I have been following your shows with Patrick Timpone. I am a fan and learn lots of great stuff from you which I appreciate very much.
    God bless us All, Tall & Small,
    With best wishes for a peaceful, healthy and abundant 2016,
    Starshine Girl
    Big Hug1

  2. Blend equal amounts of organic whole egg, beef liver and apple cider vinegar. Refrigerate in covered glass container until used. Take one or two Tbsp before or with meals.

  3. Thank you and happy new year ! Hears to you Jennifer and the work you have already started in me ! And I’m sure many others ! Started your detox now doing terpintine ! Only a week but already good results ! Thanks to you and your disier to make a difference in this world ! To heal instead of wound ! I’ve studied and have been open to natural healing for about 45 years ! Have lived threw a lot and am still hear to talk about it ! Thank God for people like you in this world to keep the beat going in a positive life giving energy pace ! Thank you ! Margrit 🎆

  4. What’s a good natural way to raise the ph other than apple cider venigar, and using sodium bicarbonate if one chooses to do both?

    Thank You

  5. Question about the health class, will we be able to make payments on the upcoming classes until it’s paid in full and then we take the class. Another question will we be able to earn a certificate. And also can you teach us about the business portion of health, how to keep repeat business how to get referrals, advertising and marketing portion and and how to get started after we completed the class.

  6. I have anemia due to fibroids. Today I felt very lightheaded as if I’m going to drop.
    Please tell me what at can I do to heal myself of these horrible symptoms?

  7. Dear Dr. Daniels,

    I have been taking Vitality Caps and love them, and have started the turp ( 1 tsp on 3tsps sugar) twice a week. How do I treat my children – one is 14, the other is 10 but quite petite. Are we allowed any sweet foods, the odd piece of chocolate, cookies etc? I have noticed if I consume sugar, my arthritis pain returns, but I find it difficult to stop all my habits at once. Any advice?

    Thank you for your noble work; we wish you Peace and Blessings in the New Year!


  8. Dr. Daniels, with all these Chem trails being thrown into our air on a weekly basis, what can we do to rid our bodies from these toxins and nanotechnology affecting our health? I had a friend mention EDTA, do you know if it would help? By the way we LOVE your show, and enjoy listening to you on past shows. Thank you for bringing clarity to what is truly going on in the medical industry and awakening our mind!

  9. I’m a recovering medical practitioner and naturopath. I listen to you regularly and would love to find out what you’re teaching. Thanks for all the wonderful work you’re doing !

  10. Love and appreciate your work! Your knowledge, and more importantly, your courage, is rare, and we truly appreciate you! Thanks for your show, and may God bless!