Healers in Panama Testimonials


Alida B.
DDS, Dentist

Well, I feel very very enriched. More than I expected. I mean, we got so much information, so much good, helpful, useful information.   I would suggest to everybody to come here. Everybody! I can apply everything, I mean many so much useful information that Im just so glad I came here. I think Dr Jennifer is a great person.She is a real healer and a , she’s a life saver and I wish more and more people like her in the world.

Takiyah M

Takiyah M.

I was excited for the opportunity to come, I was missing the information.   that’s what I was missing,  and I needed that from someone who I felt was reputable and could explain it to me in an easy understandable way. So, that was tremendous where I can take this stuff back home and implement it.

Diana R.

Diana R.
Executive Assistant

 Quite honestly, I was thrilled!  It was perfect!   My biggest take away is that I can do this, I don’t need medical supervision. Now I know what I’m doing and I feel really confident and capable. It was terrific!


Khalif M.
IT Information Technology

 The things that Dr Daniels recommends she has experienced in her own life. Not just going to medical school and having her own practice or whatever but having the ailments and curing herself in addition to healing others.  That makes a huge difference. Make a huge difference.

 … Now you have a person who wore the white coat who you can ask direct questions to and she can give you alternatives to the prescription drugs. That is something I think everybody should know.

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