How Prostate Cancer Became a Disease – Replay

This is only a replay of Dr Daniels previous show regarding Prostate Cancer.

Tracing the evolution of prostate cancer from an incidental finding at autopsy in men who died of other causes, to a condition to be detected early, medicated, irradiated and surgerized.

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3 thoughts on “How Prostate Cancer Became a Disease – Replay

  1. Big gaping wound from removing his testicles and not closing this removal which turned to sepsis (duh, who doesn’t know that you don’t leave a wound that large wide open?) that killed my father a few days after. I had no idea that’s what they did (because he was dealing with it with my mother, and she kept me out of the loop because I was constantly urging them to stop the cancer care) until they were dressing him after death….literally, 10 minutes after death they were shooing us all out of the room to make the room ready for another patient. I stayed in spite of it and saw with my own eyes all of this. Before being diagnosed with “prostrate” cancer, zero symptoms in my father. The treatments were killing him and shutting down his organs one-by-one. I called this MURDER and vowed to never trust another hospital, government, or doctor again (I was already avoiding them by this point and doing my own healing practices quite well).

  2. I have been told I have an aggressive form of prostate cancer. I had the ultrasound and 12 biopsys from my prostate a week ago. I met with the urologist who did the procedure and he said I need to do something immediately. He said four of the biopsies were cancerous. I am scheduled for a bone scan, a stomach test and chest Xray on April 25th. That will be done at the local hospital. I am scheduled the next day with the doctor who does radiation therapy and hormone treatments which is the plan of attack to treat at this point. I have had them send my records from the tests to the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa Florida to get a second opinion which upset the doctor who did the tests. He said because my cancer is a very aggressive form (one biopsy out of a total of 12) treatments need to begin as soon as possible. I thank you for your program and just wonder if I should ask further questions about why the treatments need to begin immediately? Thanks for the great show.

  3. Hi Dr Daniels
    My husband had prostate cancer, went for the Brachy therapy three years ago
    And now his PSA results had shot up from 1.55 to 11.1 and the urologist wants to see him on Wednesday, please if you have any advise, we would appreciate it,
    I would also be happy if you could send us the replay on prostate cancer you had.
    Thank so much for your passion to help us
    We love you