HPV The Scourge of the Century or Just Another Silly Love Song

HPV (Human Pappiloma Wart Virus) is the putative cause of cervical cancer.Dr Daniels did pap smears for 19 years. Never missed a single case of Cervical Cancer. She employed the latest technology. Never found a case of cervical cancer either. So, what’s up. Tune in as Dr Daniels reveals the truth about HPV, pap smears and cervical cancer. Think Happens

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Doctor Daniels also mentioned, in response to a caller, prions, and her show that related to it. Here’s the link: Healing with Dr. Daniels Tue, May 28, 2013 – Designing Disease

Also mentioned was: Healing with Dr. Daniels Sun, March 09, 2014 – Grass Fed or What

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2 thoughts on “HPV The Scourge of the Century or Just Another Silly Love Song

  1. Lucretia,
    As I posted to your last question regarding this, yes, all of the Sunday (Bonus) shows have a link to download the show as an .mp3 to your device of choice to play using your media player of choice. The link is displayed prominently at the bottom of the show page. Please just click on the “Download” link.

  2. Dr. Daniels
    Does your site have a way to download this files to a MP3?
    I develop terrible rashes being around my computer?

    Thank you,