Laughter is the Best Medicine

Modern medicine has become a very large scale successful Milgram experiment. Milgram did these now famous experiments to determine why doctors in the concentration camps (Nazi Germany) administered lethal treatments just on orders.  In his experiments, he was shocked to find that his subjects, just following orders, tortured humans, to death for no other reason than they were just following orders. The parallel situation in health care would be the Physicians just following orders – in this case the standard of care, torturing patients to death for no reason other than adherence to the standard of care.  At the moment, participation of the victims (except in the case of vaccines ) is voluntary.  For this reason, I choose to address it through humor.   This allows potential victims(patients) to see it coming, lapse into laughter and feel too ridiculous to get involved in this deadly game.   It is my hope that laughter will literally save lives.


In this comic, Ruby wisely declines to participate in the Standard of Care.


This next comic demonstrates the reality of cholesterol therapy. It takes 250 people taking the medications for 5 years in order for one person to experience benefit. In other words, it takes 5 x 250 or 1,250 person-years of use in order to benefit. On the other hand, it takes 3 people taking the medication for 1 year or 3 person- years in order for 1 person to experience side effect or harm. Each person who takes the medication has 416 fold greater probability of harm than of benefit. This is a marketing marvel that any Nazi concentration camp doctor would be proud of. Any lottery operator would become very wealthy indeed if they could get people to buy a lottery ticket every day of their life in exchange for payment 1,250 years in the future. In the case of cholesterol medication, people swallow a pill every day for the rest of their lives, endure side effects and never stop, just for the warm and fuzzy feeling that a heart attack will be avoided at some point in the next 1,250 years. Even if they do have a heart attack, they will accept that they would have had another one had they not purchased the lottery ticket. It takes 2 in order for medical homicide to occur. The doctor may recommend. But, the patient has to comply.





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