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The new Modern-day Plague is MRSA.  These letters stand for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus.  This microbe causes the death of 48,000 Americans each year.  That is more than car accident fatalities and Aids combined.  While this is associated with hospitals, recently, adolescents have died of this illness.

Quite a bit is known about this microbe.  Specifically, it is caused exclusively by ingestion of antibiotics combined with a break in the skin that allows the microbe to enter the body and cause death.  Further 80% of all antibiotics in the United States are administered to farm animals to speed growth.  Most of the antibiotics in the United States are eaten in food, not in pill or IV form.  People develop MRSA in the privacy of their home at the dinner table.   At the Hospital, IV and other tubes introduced into the body enable the resistant microbe to enter the blood and cause death. 

This comic shows a concerned wife being reassured by the doctor that the patient will be fine.  At the same time, the doctor has ordered a very strong antibiotic that creates MRSA, ordered it be administered by IV (break in the skin) that assures entry of MRSA into the blood, ordered a Foley catheter (a tube inserted in the bladder to collect urine) that allows MRSA to enter the body through the bladder, and in case that is not enough to kill this patient, the doctor has also ordered a diet that contains MRSA organisms.  25% of all meat in the Unites States contains MRSA organisms.



In other words, an un-hospitalized person cannot die from MRSA via person to person spread.


Hospitals have responded to demands of improved safety by implementing ineffective measures. This is clear, as the frequency of death from this illness has continued to rise.


In this comic, the hospital visitor is seeing a patient who has MRSA.  The visitor is required to wear protective clothing.  She believes it is for her protection.  It is not.  While she can pick up MRSA from the patient, it cannot kill her unless she becomes a patient and gets the obligatory hole in her skin (IV) that would permit entry of MRSA.  The patient already has MRSA, so he is not being protected.  This merely makes it look like something is being done.

Everyone is impressed.  Patients increase their confidence in the hospital. Hospitals continue to receive the 13.3Billion dollars in increased revenue annually as a result of MRSA.


The best protection against MRSA is to refuse antibiotics and refuse needles and tubes.   Since antibiotics at this time are in milk and meat, buy only meat and milk that have no antibiotics. Just say no to needles and tubes.



This last comic shows the marketing triumph of the antibiotic makers. Patients believe antibiotics are life saving.  The truth is, fewer than .2% of antibiotics are used to treat documented infections.  This means that patients clamor for what is actually an ineffective therapy.   It is a Kill Pill responsible for the death of 48,000 Americans each year.




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6 thoughts on “LBM-3

  1. This may not tell the whole story. I got MRSA on my lower leg without going to a Dr or hospital. No idea where I contacted it, it just showed up on the leg without a break in the skin.

  2. The duration of the tube insertion is an issue. IVs in the hospital stay in for periods of longer than 24 hours and the hole is much larger than with acupuncture.

    While there may be an association with acupuncture use and MRSA infection, I am not aware of any research in this area.

  3. Hi Dr. Daniels,

    Just wondering about “just refuse needles and tubes…”, how about acupuncture? Or as long as patients are not in hospital settings, situation could be less serious? Just curious….