Laughter is the Best Medicine

Dr Do Good is concerned about the 50% veracity rate in the material being taught in medical school as well as the half life of 4 years.  After much thought and consideration, he determines that the source of the information may be the cause.

He inquires into this matter.  I personally made this inquiry during one of my many meetings with the dean of the medical school I attended.  This was the answer I got.  Further, I volunteered to serve on the medical school finance sub-committee.  This committee met in another part of the hospital.

While the finance committee discussed getting more money for the medical school, improving the quality of the information provided was never considered.  Always discussed was how to make the Medical School  more attractive to government and drug companies – anyone who paid for research or provided grant money.  Educating more students or providing better information was considered and dismissed as a strategy for improving finances.  This cartoon combines both experiences.

It is important to laugh and consider the source of medical teachings as you ponder the prescription your doctor may issue.

The very words milligram used in his experiments to get the subjects to administer lethal shocks:

Prod 1: please continue.

Prod 2: the experiment requires you to continue.

Prod 3: It is absolutely essential that you continue.

Prod 4: you have no other choice but to continue.



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