Mentoring Testimonials

“I had a stroke that doctors could not fully explain. They did a bunch of tests and still could not give me any answers. This caused me to seek out Dr. Daniels. She was able to assess my situation and give me answers that made sense. Dr Daniels has helped my overall health. It has been years. I have had no further problems. And, I feel great. I have taken several other family members to her; and she has cured them on the spot. It is a miracle. If you are serious about improving or even maintaining your health, I strongly suggest that you engage in her mentoring program!” (Tom Bezegian Clay, NY)

“Before mentoring with Dr. Daniels’, I had issues with constipation, mood swings, acne, and even menstruation. Now, I do not experience any of these problems; thanks to Dr. Daniels’ holistic mentoring. ”(Temeka Wiliams Syracuse,  NY)

“Dr. Daniels’ holistic mentoring program has helped me to become not only more healthy, but more happy as well. I no longer crave unhealthy food. I am a changed person for the better! Meeting Dr. Daniels’ has been a blessing for my entire family.” (Yvonne Peck Watertown,  NY)

 “I went to Dr. Daniels for holistic mentoring and it changed my life. I came to her as a diabetic and having asthma; I did not feel good. I immediately felt so good that I walked home from the session. My asthma and pain had prevented me from walking. I went to my physician for a check-up and she told me that whatever I was doing was working. I no longer take medication for my diabetes; I have stuck to the diet that Dr. Daniels’ has created for me and it has really helped me. I don’t need to take medicines anymore. Thank you Dr Daniels.” (Gwendolyn Williams Syracuse,  NY)


 “I went to Dr. Daniels’ having had a colostomy and several brain tumors that were causing me to lose my vision. I had a lot of pain and was losing my ability to reason. I could only walk with a stick and someone helping me. Once I started Dr. Daniels’ program, I began to see results in 72 hours; my sight began to sharpen and I lost the pain that shot from my arm to my leg. My ability to think rationally came back, too! Now I can see without glasses, I walk without any aids and I am getting ready to start my own business. Her program has given me a whole new outlook on life!” (Ayesha Abdulazeem Syracuse,  NY)

“He SO much enjoyed his meeting and chat with Dr. Daniels yesterday, and so I too am looking forward to meeting her on Skype. I am listening to her talks – with the speaker glued to my ear. It is still a bit low in volume, but the talks are so amazing, so extraordinary, that I would not miss them for anything. What a great doctor! I am absolutely sincere in my praise – and I am not the only one who is grateful beyond words for such courage and such clarity!” (Astraea Shaw)

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  1. I have yet to have my Discovery Session, however today is the day for my session. I am so looking forward to it.