Newsweek, Hospitals Can Kill You

Bad Doctors, Prescription Errors, Surgical Slips, Medical Mistakes, injure or kill hundreds of (thousands of) Americans every year, Why patients are kept in the dark.

By Marty Makary

This article is misleading and aids the fraud. More patients are killed by competent doctors doing as they are taught and following the standard of care. This is where the danger lies.

A more accurate Introduction would be:

Good Doctors, Accurate Prescriptions, properly done surgeries, Medical Breakthroughs, injure or kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. Why patients are kept in the dark…

The posture that these deaths are due to errors, leads to a solution that compels doctors to follow existing deadly protocols to the letter and murder even more patients by medicine. This deliberate deception can only be described as Homicide. The strategy is premeditated and planned. Describing Homicide by medicine as some accident does not do the system justice.

We refer to death by automobiles as accidents. Let’s use that as a benchmark. That number is 35,000 a year. Let’s say that anything that happens more than 35,000 times a year is not an accident.

Death of patients at the hands of doctors happens easily 200,000 times a year. Scholarly estimates range s high as 900,000. This is not an accident. There are reasons and causes. One reason is that in their haste to sell the maximal amount of medications, companies write protocols and instruct doctors to use medications in lethal doses rather than lower safe doses. Since it is the standard of care, the doctor is not permitted to deviate from it or he will be prosecuted for malpractice, lose his license, lose his medical privileges and be otherwise ruined.

I have taped a video examining one such example where drug companies instruct doctors to give lethal doses of a medication. See it here. The superficial attribution of these deaths to accident is beyond naïve. Even the stupidest moronic patient would have to conclude that these “accidents” are happening with amazing regularity akin to the sun rising. These are not accidents. This is murder. Someone needs to prosecute.

The statement that we can expect better from an industry that is 17% of the economy is ludicrous!! If harmful care were eliminated, health care would be 3.4% of the economy. ??How do I get this figure?? On average, a hospital encounter that leads to complications brings in 4 times as much revenue than one that does not lead to complications. If 20% of care is harmful, multiply this by 4 and you get 80%. 80% of the revenue in this industry results from harming patients. 80% of 17 (the percentage of the economy that is health care) is 13.6%. Subtract the 13.6% harmful care from the 17% total and that leaves 3.4% of the economy that would be the piece occupied by health care if the industry limited itself only to beneficial care. This figure may represent a larger estimate of benefit as the associated comics show.

Effective therapy:see attached comics

It is not necessary to prosecute the drug companies. Just prosecute the doctor who wrote the order or the nurse who dispensed the deadly therapy. They know exactly what they are doing. Surely they must have cared for 1 of the 900,000 Medical Homicides. Theyknow the routine. When I was training in the hospital, it got to the point where you could cover your eyes and say,”Here it comes. That patient is gonna die.” The professionals involved can tell when death is near. The only concern is should they continue the therapy. If it is made clear that any death will result in a homicide investigation of the therapy that preceded death, these Homicides will stop overnight. Homicide by medicine will cease when it is recognized and handled as such.

DrMakaray’s article is part of the problem. He is telling the public that doctors are using deadly practices and we need to double down like any compulsive gambler and ask them to stick to these deadly protocols even more.

This article buttresses support for a national Health payment system that pays for death. This is accomplished by stating that the deaths in the system are accidental. This is not true. The slip of the biopsy needle cited by DrMakaray is listed as an expected complication on the consent form. The slip of the needle is an event that is calculated into the profit projection of the hospital. Listing the slip of the needle on the consent form means that in the hands of a competent Surgeon, it is an expected event. Not an accident. Expected.

There does not need to be any studies done or investigation. Every doctor the author worked with had seen this before. The head attending surgeon even had a pat answerto his shocked inquiries. The Head Attending should be prosecuted as an accomplice to murder and the Doctor whose biopsy needle slipped should be prosecuted for murder. These “unfortunate” outcomes are the Hospital’s bread and butter. It welcomes these outcomes and has the public relations department manage public perceptions. The “cost” of treating the complication was “revenue” to the hospital. As long as this is the case, the Murder of patients by the standard of care will continue.

I leave you with one last comic.

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