Radical Healing

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Described by the Wall Street Journal as a Medical Maverick !!

Dr. Daniels realized the Murderous results of the medical teachings she received in medical school.

Miracle drugs that maimed and killed were the Standard of Care. Her integrity, conscience and concern for her patients led her to develop methods to relieve the suffering and illnesses of her patients without Deadly Drugs.

Dr. Daniels invites you to sample Radical Health Transformations with some of her NON – Drug remedies featured in this Report:

Radical Remedies so Powerful, Your grandmother might have used them, your will never ask for a prescription agan, in will make you want to cancel your insurance, you will wonder why you ever used pills,

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Have healing in less than the time it takes to warm up your car Stop waiting in emergency rooms End worries that your medical record will be used against you waiting in line at the pharmacy Avoid the drug that kills 63,000 Americans every year.


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Heal Radically,

Dr Jennifer (Healing is Natural) Daniels

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9 thoughts on “Radical Healing

  1. well I enjoy you very much you have room for to move there there are warningus of department of home land sercurity of sagging Ameircan taking their rights away , and killing them in fema camps , , what does it cost to move there if I am only one , My morther of 88 rather die here , a plane ticket there e and apartment or room , from your stand point , a good move. maybe once I get settled have mom come down here , I wanted to know if you had diabete 2 natural healin? see ya later than alan

  2. Hello!
    I have heard you numerous times on the Deanna Spingola RBN internet radio show and want to THANK YOU for your honest diagnosis providing GOOD HEALTH!
    But in listening to your Turpentine show via your website….I have a couple of questions.
    I am also following Tony Pantalleresco who is a Herbologist who has also been on Deanna’s show and he suggests we MIX one cap full approx 1.5 teaspoons of Turpentine with 4-5 OZ of raw local honey and take, stirred with every dose….1/4 teaspoon of this mix to start, at bedtime. Then increase this mix to 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon, daily. Take this for approx 20-25 days, then a 10 day rest..then again, and again.
    I wonder why you suggest just a 3 time, or 1 time per week regimen?
    I have been taking the turpentine with raw local honey mix for 20 days, it is an awesome detox as you will eliminate your bowels a GOOD 3 times in taking this, also it provides youthful energy for me! At 55 yrs young, just looking for good health! ALSO I remember as a child my grandfather and father rubbed turpentine on their throats and chests in colder months in days gone by to ward off colds and sore throats, also bathed in 1/2 cup Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine in their bath water as a full body detox!
    I have found an awesome ALL American Ol’ Thyme produced turpentine from Diamond G Forest Products in Patterson Georgia! This is pure Turpentine right from Georgia USA pine trees and NOT the paper industry waste by-products which commercial turpentine sometimes is.
    Just search the above name and support local All American tree tappers! Also their website is awesome! And their pure gum products are very affordable, lower priced than the local hardware store!
    Is your suggested dosage just to start? And what do you say about taking Turpentine long term? As in life long! As a 25 day health regimen taking the mix, then a 20 day rest period in between? I await your suggestions and reply!
    Thank YOU!

  3. Hello,

    I am interested in receiving information about radical healing. At the beginning of last year a mystery illness attacked me and I have been dealing with it every since. I have been to various doctors, specialist, holistic practicioners, etc…but nothing has helped.

  4. I love what you are doing. It’s wonderful to know someone who will do what’s right even when it hurts! It only hurts for awhile (this world age) then comes the real rewards!

    Please send your free report on Radical Healing.

    I’ll be following your adventure and learning how to live healthy by avoiding the “poison trap”.

    You have helped bring to my conscience what I have known for decades.

    Look to God for strength, it’s His enemies you are fighting.