Radio Show: Being awake in a sleeping world

Dr Daniels has had many emails from people who are angered or even distraught that people around them are asleep when it comes to the Medical Industrial Complex. This is causing strife and suffering. Tune in as Dr Daniels examines this situation and gives you a new perspective to relieve your suffering. Tune in. Think Happens.

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2 thoughts on “Radio Show: Being awake in a sleeping world

  1. Dear Dr. Daniels,
    Just a note to thank you so much for this life-changing podcast. It is simply brilliant, and while I do not feel qualified to use such an adjective, I found this message one of the most insightful and creative approaches I’ve ever heard. I was in anguish this summer over all of the people I knew who were choosing to basically end themselves via the MI complex. Your words of wisdom, and the “Happy” song turned anguish into acceptance. Its their choice, not my choice to make. Yet, I too am still free to choose the way of life, and therefore to avoid the MIcomplex like the plague. Thanks so very very much.
    Your friend in Pa. Chris