Radio Show: Deadly MRSA on your Dinner Plate

Deadly MRSA on your Dinner Plate

MRSA is the deadly flesh eating bacteria that is resistant to most antibiotics. It is associated with hospital and antibiotic use but recently, people who have never been to a hospital are dying of it. Dr. Daniels explains the origens of MRSA, how you are exposed to it evey day and what you can do. This is a must hear episode. MRSA is on your dinner plate. Find out where it is lurking and why hand sanitizers actually make you unsafe.

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2 thoughts on “Radio Show: Deadly MRSA on your Dinner Plate

  1. Hello Dr. Daniels !
    I just finished listening to you report on MRSA. I have a son that was a victim of MRSA.
    He was the 7ft 8 inch basketball player at UNCA in North Carolina. He lost his limb partially below the knee on the right leg. You can google his name ” Kenny George 7ft/8.
    Doctor Daniels may I dialog with you about his ordeal to hear your impressions of his case.
    I have heard you speak on Carl Nelson’s show on a couple of occasions.

    Thank you for hearing me !