Radio Show: Ebola And Other Things That Go Bump In The Night

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EBOLA and other things that go BUMP in the night. Dr Daniels traces the History of infectious disease. How do Doctors know if a person is infected? The Scientific Method is traced from 1880 to the present. This method is then applied to the EBOLA epidemic. Get to the Bottom of it once and for all. Did World Rulers create it? How deadly is it? How is it transmitted? What is the real cause? Tune in. Think Happens

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3 thoughts on “Radio Show: Ebola And Other Things That Go Bump In The Night

  1. First of all- thank you for all you do- love your talks! My partner and I crew on a cargo ship. My alternative healer sold us a bag of green clay- with instructions on how to take in water etc.. she said it would be good if we pick up a bug or something on one of our many trips to Africa. I researched the power of clay- great stuff. She said it could help someone with Ebola- very simple cure. When we get a chance to get off the ship- we pick, clean and gorge on weeds (after I read an article about a book called- Julia’s Edible Weeds). What a difference they have made to our health! It’s all there in nature for us. It’s a pity people believe all negative hype- the media is terrible. Keep doing what your doing. Best Regards, Michelle and Paul