Radio Show: Exercise


When is Exercise dangerous, when is it healthy? Exercise is good for you yet it creates harmful free radicals. If you have ever tried to sort out this doublespeak, this episode is for you. Dr Daniels sorts this out and shares the secrets of getting more of the benefits with none of the dangers. Tune in.

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One thought on “Radio Show: Exercise

  1. Hi. My name is Amy. I’m new to the forum. I’ve never met you but I just love you for what you do!!!!
    So I’m going through the archives and living listening to and learning from all the shows. The show on exercise leaves me wondering even if I enjoy weight lifting, (the effects of weight lifting), should I stop for the sake of my health and longevity? I’m very open to ti chi, and other forms of exercises that you spoke of. Besides the Tibetan #5 stretch/exercise, can I add any supplements to make my weight lifting safer? I hate to give it up, but I will if it means a healthier me. Thank you for your time.