Radio Show: How Prostate Cancer Became a Disease

How Prostate Cancer Became a Disease


Tracing the evolution of prostate cancer from an incidental finding at autopsy in men who died of other causes, to a condition to be detected early, medicated, irradiated and surgerized.

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3 thoughts on “Radio Show: How Prostate Cancer Became a Disease

  1. This is DEFINITELY worth listening to for middle-aged men. Skip forward a few minutes in the recording to get to the show with Dr. Daniels. Thank you, Doctor!!

  2. A superlative show chock full of facts and information not available in mainstream media. Highly recommended for those who want to seek the real truth about their health.

  3. Dr. Daniels,

    You are becoming a national treasure for those of us who seek the “truth” about health.. The Turpentine protocol is a very eyeopening and unconventional way to treat most common health maladies.. The prostate ‘problem” is a real money maker for mainstream medicine.. Turpentine is a God send…

    Keep it up my dear friend..