Radio Show: Humans: The New Cash Crop

Humnas: The New Cash Crop

767,000 Americans each year die as a result of the health care they receive, not their disease. While the media tries to explain these incidents as accidents, common sense analysis indicates otherwise. Dr. Daniels explains , how you are being harvested every day, much like a farm animal and what you can do. This is a must hear episode. Find out where the true hazard is lurking and why the health care system is designed to be unsafe. This show holds the key for you to avoid financial devastation and physical harm. Visit for more insights.

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One thought on “Radio Show: Humans: The New Cash Crop

  1. The most brilliant and imaginative description of contemporary American society that I have ever heard.

    Now I know what Dylan Thomas was speaking of when he wrote of “eyes which see with blinding sight”.

    Thank you again Dr. Daniels for standing up for the truth.