Radio Show: Is Your Doctor a certified Killer??

Dr Daniels examines the practice of certifying Doctors from the Doctor and the Management point of view. The Shocking crosstalk between Doctors and Health Care Managers could leave you in the crosshairs. Tune in as Dr Daniels unravels the latest controversy in Doctor certification and what it means to you. Think Happens

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One thought on “Radio Show: Is Your Doctor a certified Killer??

  1. US Medical almost murdered me & my then 35 year old daughter. She currently suffers from Hasimoto’s; my bain is osteo arthritis, and oxygen deficiency. Have researched many remedies and after viewing your various YouTube interviews, visiting your website, I’m “hooked on” your expertise. I’d like to know which of your products and of what strength you would recommend. I am age 70, was stricken by double pneumonia 2 years thence resuting in my O2 concentrator use. My daughter was anorexic and bulimic 10 years. She had gall bladder issues and they said she would die if it weren’t immediately removed. She didn’t believe them. We thank the Lord for your wisdom, courage, empathy and sweetness. Thanks so very much.