Radio Show: Probiotics. Yes,No, Maybe.

With the advent of anti-biotics, the practice of killing living bacteria for health became stylish. Now, that practice has produced disability and death. We re now in the era of the pro-biotic or pro life era.Dr Daniels talks about probiotics. What do they do, who needs them and what type to take. Tune in. Think Happens.

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5 thoughts on “Radio Show: Probiotics. Yes,No, Maybe.

  1. Hi Theda,
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  2. Hi, such good information.

    You said that antibiotics in meat have killed certain probiotics in it. How do the B 12-producing bacteria in meat ever survive cooking, and then healthy stomach acid levels in the first place?

    How does the immune system distribute probiotics where needed in the body? That must be an amazingly intricate signalling process, or is there a mechanical way, like some immune system cells literally escorting friendlies through the lymphatic systems, or the blood vessels….or…?

    Note: The recipe for sauerkraut at 1:35:00