Radio Show: Rethink your possessions, improve your health

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We often measure our health and ourselves by the things we have. Dr. Daniels tonight will share with you the things she does NOT own and how not having these things keep her healthy and stress – free. Tune in and see how you can embrace health by letting go. Think Happens.

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2 thoughts on “Radio Show: Rethink your possessions, improve your health

  1. When I heard your story about Borax as a bug killer I laughed so hard I nearly had to see a doctor 😉
    My mother once brought back so herbal tea from the tropics complete with a roach egg sack. For months we had roaches in the kitchen.

    As the climate was cold they would not leave the kitchen and took up residence in the freezer motor. My mother mixed up a paste of Borax and condensed milk, problem solved. Total extinction. I have never seen total elimination of a bug population before. We got lucky because they were confined to one room and the flat was solid concrete with no cracks.

    A great shame in the EU Borax is banned because it is alleged to cause birth defects. I later discovered the real reason is that it is an effective remedy for arthritis.

  2. You must have a new microphone. The sound is much more audible now. It’s nice to hear you clearly, because your show is very interesting.