Radio Show: Shoddy research being applied to Alternative theories

Stuff to keep you stressed out about the Boogey man. Sometimes, they just have to make it up. Alternative sites are no better than standard Medical Industrial Complex sites. Dr Daniels examines a research study, its results and how these were manipulated to reach conclusions and make recommendations that were totally unrelated to the study.

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* Dr Daniels would like to apologize for not being able to go broadcasting live on Sunday, Oct. 18th and Tuesday, Oct. 20th due to technical difficulties.

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3 thoughts on “Radio Show: Shoddy research being applied to Alternative theories

  1. Thank you for the information. Unfortunately I only heard about half of the broadcast due to the volume going from super quiet to super loud.

  2. Hello, Dr. Daniels.
    Thank you for putting a critical and logical mind on non-allopathic treatment claims and spicing it up with ironic humor. (I’ll work on getting some imaginary friends!)
    I’m an integrative nutrition health coach working with a chiropractor and discovered your site, interviews, books last night. You are expressing many of my thoughts; I posted to FB your interview on “Rockefeller Medicine.” I’m a graduate of Exeter Academy and Wesleyan University and am familiar, from these institutions and my personal life, with “the power structure.”
    Thank you very much for vocalizing these ideas.