Radio Show: The Diabetes Debacle

The Diabetes Debacle

Today’s show topic will be The Diabetes Débâcle

Dr. Jennifer Daniels is a graduate of Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. While she is trained as a Family Practice Physician, her interest is Natural Healing and providing information to enhance understanding and choice in healing. For further information, visit

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4 thoughts on “Radio Show: The Diabetes Debacle

  1. Dear Laurie,
    Thank you so much for your comment. Dr Daniels always makes time reading these and she really appreciates it. Please continue to listen to her future Radio Shows.

    Thank you,
    Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  2. I enjoyed this. Thank you for your intelligent and enlightening information! I ve been trying to get more info on diabetes to help family members, but it seems the doctors and dieticians won’t or can’t tell me these details. I wasn’t surprised. I have found that many diabetics are not only glucose resistant, but generally resistant about giving up thier junk foods, regardless of all the info I know about nutrition, foods and cooking. I try to teach the people around me how to create dishes with whats on hand (using real foods), as well as teach the nutrition in the various cooked, raw, and seasonal foods, along with safe food handling. Always cook with love and appreciation for nature’s abundance and those who eat it.
    I tell people that disease begins with processed foods and additives, if nothing else. Its my mantra to the world. I only cook fresh, even sauces. I make use of many herbs. I also only grind my own grains and make all grain products, including bread and pasta. I get very disturbed with all the latest misuse of wheat and gluten hype. All breads, including heath food store breads are adding white powder (coined wheat) or adding gluten to shorten the fermenting process. Thus ill health and misuse of the grain’s natural healing power. The white powder called wheat flour should only be used for home crafts, not human consumption. I grew up with “stay away from the 3 whites: white flour, white sugar, white salt”, as well as gardening at home. Makes a huge difference in health. Use fresh. Invest in your health. Learn to cook. A healthy diet can cure many ills. I don’t follow fads, but adjust my foods according to how I feel to assist in balance.

    I have a great appreciation for all your information, tenacity, intelligent observations, and your inner fire and passion, Dr. Daniels!
    I dont say that to too many people. I’ve been following you quietly and weighing your info and character carefully for 3 months. It’s all sound and checks with the many things I ve observed and learned myself over the last 40 years of my own studies and experiences (except I had to sit back and look hard at my ideas of turpentine before dismissing it.) I see you are rare and brave woman and one who truly cares. I’m glad you are on this earth and glad I found you.