Radio Show: The Modern Face of Syphilis

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Dr Daniels traces the path of Syphilis from 1881 to the present. Find out why Syphilis is rampant and which modern day diseases are actually Syphilis.

Your Doctor has been instructed not to test for it and to ignore the test if it is positive. Could your doctor be ignoring YOUR Syphilis? And, where did you get it anyway?

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6 thoughts on “Radio Show: The Modern Face of Syphilis

  1. I just listened 2 times to this segment. You are so right about syphilis. This needs to be shared through out the world. It makes perfect sense how all the auto immune diseases over lap on the symptons of syphilis. I have RA and i am going to start taking Turpentine as sone as i find it. Thank you so much for the work and discoveries you have done. You are truly an amazing woman and Doctor.

  2. Thank you Dr. Daniels. Can you please share with me the paper that showed that the syphilis virus was put into the vaccines, like they put in the cancer virus in the polio vaccines. I was in the Military and had all these symptoms especially as I got older and my immune system started getting weaker. I have since rejuvenated using I tell everyone about your videos to tell them it is not LUPUS or LYMES or auto immune disease. Some are hearing. I constantly detox and nourish my cells to stay ahead of the game. Oh, yeah, your turpentine therapy works. That was another major improvement for my health.

  3. I would like to know more about this disease I guess that’s what it is “syphilis” I haven’t heard that name in years I honestly thought that it was a STD! What exactly is it? What are the signs and or symptoms of it I’m interested to know what it’s all about if you can get back to me. Thanks

  4. Thank you, thank you for your diligent research. I know because I know that Lymes, lupus and all of these auto immune disorders are vaccine induced. The names are basically irrelevant, except for syphilis which is the main connective symptoms to most all of these auto immune disorders. Kids are getting cancers and more from not just crazy viruses being injected, but by the heavy load of toxins from vaccines. We all know toxins causes diseases and cancers and vaccines are loaded down with known poisons. I am sure you have watched

    You are a HERO and I call you a hero for standing up to the wartime attacks upon this nation by the medical mafia and drug companies and those who own these tools of war. You and Dr. Carley are a lot alike. She also gave up her medical license. I have talked to a Mom whose vaccine damaged son was healed through following Dr. Carley’s homeopathic protocols…a great adjutant to nutrition and detox.

    I was wondering since Lupus and Lymes have very similar symptoms could you make another video for the LYMES people groups so they can know truth too. I shared on facebook your videos about syphilis and added this link about Lupus and Lymes having similar symptoms. Just like Autism is autism because of vaccine injury…the level of poisoning has made Autism diagnosis a very wide spectrum of symptoms.

    God Bless you and I pray that you will prosper and be in health as your soul prospers. I pray for God’s Hosts to protect you and give you great vindication and safety. I pray when Trump is President this medical mafia is put under and charged with mass murder, and doctors are again free to practice without fear of persecution as doctors will be allowed to practice whatever therapy natural and safe that doctor and patient agree upon.