Radio Show: Thyroid Time Bomb

Thyroid Time Bomb

The medications and environmental causes of thyroid disease will be discussed as well as action you can take to protect your thyroid from the Medical hazards to your thyroid.

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5 thoughts on “Radio Show: Thyroid Time Bomb

  1. I take lugos oral iodine,15 drops,untill i feel well.However i wish my hair will grow back.Is there anything i can do?I take larapazan 2mg and methy
    ldopa 25mg.

  2. Hello Dr. Daniels,
    I find you extremely interesting and informative and am glad I have found your site. I am 53, handicapped with a genetically inherited neurological disorder which make walking impossible without assistance/crutches. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid in my mid 30s when my slim figure began to widen/thicken for no apparent reason, I do not eat much in calories. I have been on thyroid meds for years and I saw zero improvement as far as weight. This past year, however, I have had significant weight gain, over 20 lbs on my formerly 120 lb frame, without explanation even though eat a very low calorie diet and am seldom hungry. NONE of my former weight loss tricks work any more, each day I awake fatter than the day before which is visible to me. What is worse, I have had severe insomnia almost every night no matter what I take to get to sleep, in fact, while I write this, I am still awake from yesterday. At night especially, I am so hot it is even harder to sleep, even though the AC in my room is like a meat locker! My doctor said my sugars were very high and to avoid all sugar and to work out to reduce weight, but being handicapped, this is not so simple for me. I avoid sugar, I have ordered iodine and am on a generic thyroid med but nothing seems to working for me, do you have any recommendations? I am at wit’s end, I take no meds at all other than thyroid prescription.

  3. If one has an enlarged goiter that is causing problems swollening what can be done other than surgery.

  4. Hi,
    Re: thyroid testing, the gold standard according to Broda Barnes, (BB Institute, Hypothyroidism, etc) Mark Starr, (Hypothyroidism Type 2 etc) Stephen Langer (Solved: The Riddle Of Disease) in their books is to do a basal temperature test (AM before rising). Should be 97.8 to 98.2 Less is hypo, more may be hyper or may not be. : ) They recommend dessicated thyroid, but I am going the version of detoxified iodine made like Edgar Cayce’s recipe. I tried Luggols but it gave me a headache.

    My Vaidya suggested some Yoga asanas, but I have been doing them for over thirty years as well as a daily oil massage called abhyanga.

    BTW I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner with an array of alternative knowledge and I stumbled on the HT issue when doing a course on diagnosing the body via the Sclera. ( The instructor suggested reading Dr. Langer’s book and ‘low and behold’, ‘I are one’.

    I have followed an Ayurvedic diet since 1986 and am a pretty darned healthy. I tried the turps. They will have to shoot me to get rid of me. 😉

    BTW my wife and I had our amalgams removed and I noticed a buzzing feeling in my gut disappeared. It was as if a knot in there untied.

    BTW I absolutely love your talks. You are a ‘world wide wonder’. I have sent your links to a bunch of PPL and Yahoo groups. A bunch of my friends and relatives are MDs, but I don’t go near them.

    You go girl go!