Radio Show: Turpentine

Because of technical difficulties, the original show broadcast was not recorded, however, Dr. Daniels recorded the show again, and it can be found at the following link: Turpentine

Ponce De Leon Spied it, the FDA decried it and Dr Daniels specified it. Yes. That would be the fountain of youth. During the past 25 years, Dr Daniels had un earthed and successfully applied turpentine to reverse disease and aging. You heard it here. Tune in to get the scoop so age can become “just a number” in your life.

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4 thoughts on “Radio Show: Turpentine

  1. Yes you can use Pure Cane Sugar but it would not be as effective. Granulated white sugar is the effective alternative.

  2. Can I use Organic Pure Cane Sugar instead of the regular white sugar ?

    Caroline Farrow R.N.

  3. Hi Dr. Daniels, I enjoyed listening to you show on Turpentine. I just turned 75 years young on May 30, 2015 and am the youngest of 15 children by one mom and one dad. My parents were from Mobile Alabama and momma gave all of us Turpentine in the fall of the year. I Roller Skate, Salsa Dance, Chicago Stepper, Sky Dive, ride an electric skate board and teach Snow Boarding at Mountain High Resort in Wright Wood CA. I use Georgia Pine Gum Sprits of Turpentine in a 4 oz. glass bottle regularly. I stopped using the can Turpentine because of the tin can and lead seam. My Grand Mother made her transition when she was 104 years old.
    Norvell Drawn

  4. Dr Daniels,
    Do you treat patients with beginning stages of Alzheimers? If so I am interested in treatment.