Radio Show: What Natural Healers Don’t Want You To Know

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Dr Daniels’ Special guest reveals what Natural Healers don’t want you to know. Your body makes its own perfect medicines. Doc (Not Really a Doctor) Mike is an expert in urine therapy and fecal therapy. Learn how the world’s most powerful pharmacy lies within you. Tune in . Think Happens..

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5 thoughts on “Radio Show: What Natural Healers Don’t Want You To Know

  1. This is paradigm shifting information to say the least. I am wondering how the auto introduction with gut parasites might figure into the fecal transplant idea? Maybe the risk of dying from a c. difficile overgrowth trumps risk of parasite?

  2. There are two things you can do. 1. You can go to the show with the same title on Sunday and download the .mp3 from that page (at the bottom, there’s a link), and you also get bonus information. 2. You can find the show on and download an .mp3 from that page (look for the download link at the bottom of the picture of Dr. Daniels).

    Thanks for listening!

  3. Is there a way to download this? I want to listen on my phone but dont have a good data plan, if I could download a copy of the mp3 I could put it on my phone and listen 🙂

  4. It was an interesting topic. I would like to thank Doc. Mike for enlighting me on urine therapy. I am familiar with this therapy for a long time. I have a book with me named ‘Water of life’ by “J.W.Armstrong”. I would like to say here that urine is good for anything problems from A to Z. All I can say is throw allopathic medicines out of the window and start with urine therapy. You will have your life changed like never before. But you have to know one thing. No allopathic medicines( which is nothing but poison). The benefits of allopathic drug go to only group that i.e. guys having MBBS, or MS, or MD and the medical shops, who sell drugs at exorbitant prices. So go for it, I mean urine therapy.