Recipes for Healing

 Dr Daniels’ Healing Recipes

These kid tested recipes were developed by Dr Daniels to make eating healthy a treat and to speed lifestyle changes needed to heal her patients.  Make your journey to healing fun and tasty.

Cookbook 1 – A good diet is the basis of good health. This book has recipes designed to promote good health with recipes that are free of wheat, dairy, meat and sugar yet taste great. A must for beginners. Classics like perfect brown rice, tasty homemade salad dressing that does not require refrigeration, and tasty bean dishes become easy with this book.

Recipes For Healing Designed to promote good health! Book One $15.47


Cookbook 2 – This book was created by popular demand. Users of Cookbook I requested more dessert recipes and more recipes that had that meat-like flavor to help them avoid unhealthy foods. This book is also free of wheat, meat, sugar and dairy. One recipe has an optional soy ingredient.

Recipes For Healing !  More dessert recipes! Book Two $15.47


Cookbook 3 – This book was created by popular demand. Users of Books one and two requested more recipes that were reminiscent of comfort foods yet healthy. Recipes for ADHD and depression also included.

Recipes For Healing!  Comfort food recipes! Book Three $15.47


Cookbook 4 – This book contains healing tonics as well as healing recipes. Dr Daniels visited the Bush Doctor in the Jungles of Jamaica where he recognized her as a great healer and shared his recipe for the tonic he personally uses to maintain his vigor in the bush. The Bush Doctor’s personal recipe appears here. Herbal boosts for the Green Drink and more recipes to heal are also included!

Recipes For Health Book Four Healing recipes and general tonics.  more recipes for healing ! $15.47




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