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vitality capsules
This is a Going Out Of Date (G.O.O.D.) prices<br /><br /><br />
331 bottles remain and are due to expire on 2/14

These will be snapped up quickly as I am going to give you a deal that will blow your socks off!
One bottle has 90 capsules of organic herbs and spices to deliver the natural gentle cleansing that you have come to love. Some people use one bottle in 90 days and other people use one bottle in 10 days.

The average person uses one bottle a month. I am dramatically reducing the cost to you.
For this GOOD ( Going Out Of Dates ) Sale, You will have 50% off. That is 14.93 per bottle.

You may think I have totally lost my mind. But, I will give you even more.

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This is a per bottle cost of less than $10 a bottle!

You may ask, why buy 20 bottles when they are Going Out Of Date in 1 month? First ,using organic herbs and spices beyond the date only means that a slightly higher dose may be needed for the same effect. Second, many customers have confided in me that they buy the high volume, low priced quantity and resell them to co workers, relatives and friends for a handy profit.

Once 331 bottles are sold, the price will TRIPLE. Act Now and secure your supply of Vitality Capsules.