Advanced Turpentine Tips


These tips allow you to take your turpentine use to the next level with comfort and ease.


Prepared by Dr Jennifer Daniels



This is a Guide to turpentine use that goes beyond the Candida Cleaner. So, read the Candida Cleaner as well.

  1. Starting dose can be as low as 5 drops on a 1/4 tsp of sugar as a test dose.
  2. Final effective dose can be less than 1 tsp – the lowest dose that gives positive response is the dose for you.
  3. At doses of 1/2 tsp or less, turpentine can be dosed daily
  4. When a large area of the skin needs application, use castor oil instead and take turpentine orally once proper number of bowel movement are achieved
  5. Never rush turpentine. If you are not ready, you are not ready
  6. There are many different types of turpentine. Balsam turpentine is another name, many types that taste different do work. Trees grow all over the world. 100% Pure Gum Spirits is what you are looking for.
  7. People can ingest castor oil and turpentine weekly instead of or in addition to turpentine and sugar 2 times a week. This creates deep cleaning especially effective for deep joint issues or tumors.
  8. Most natural healing programs assume a state of excess and that the solution is cleansing. If you are underweight, you certainly have a state of malnutrition combined with toxicity. The malnutrition is the prominent feature that needs to be addressed. In these cases, the amount of animal products needs to be increased, enemas decreased in addition to using turpentine.
  9. Turpentine works with your immune system. If your immune system is compromised by processed foods such as organic rice milk or other packaged processed foods, you will not get optimal results.
  10. If you are not able to take Turpentine orally, you can still derive benefit by applying it to your feet nightly.


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