“Hi Dr. Daniels, I enjoyed listening to you show on Turpentine. I just turned 75 years young on May 30, 2015 and am the youngest of 15 children by one mom and one dad. My parents were from Mobile Alabama and momma gave all of us Turpentine in the fall of the year. I Roller Skate, Salsa Dance, Chicago Stepper, Sky Dive, ride an electric skate board and teach Snow Boarding at Mountain High Resort in Wright Wood CA. I use Georgia Pine Gum Sprits of Turpentine in a 4 oz. glass bottle regularly. I stopped using the can Turpentine because of the tin can and lead seam. My Grand Mother made her transition when she was 104 years old”. – Norvell Drawn


“I have experienced an increase in energy while using Vitality Capsules; I no longer feel heavy and bloated. Try Vitality Capsules! There are no matches- vitamins and laxatives do not compare!”


“I now feel as though my diabetes and asthma are not holding me back. Her recipes and Vitality Capsules have helped me to lose weight as well.Vitality Capsules have given me so much energy and have helped to regulate my body. Vitality Capsules will save your life!”


“Vitality Capsules gave me immediate energy; I’ve quit taking my medication because the Vitality Capsules have done wonders for my body. I strongly encourage everyone to try it!”


“My husband and I take Vitality Capsules. They have given me energy, helped us both to lose weight, and even helped to clear my skin. I use Vitality Capsules, Dr. Daniels’ recipes and advice from her book as well!”


“I have suffered from Diverticulitis for years, but after taking Vitality capsules for only 2 days the pain and discomfort have disappeared. All my brothers and sisters who have been afflicted with this condition now take Vitality capsules and also no longer have any of the previous discomforts.” – P.J. (Liverpool, NY)


“Since taking Vitality capsules I have now daily regular bowel movements, no more mood swings, my energy has increased significantly and I have lost weight.” – G.E. (Albany, NY)


“Vitality capsules have allowed me to maintain my weight, increase my energy, and cleanse my internal digestive organs.” – M.N. (Scranton, PA) “I just love those capsules.” – K.P. (Toronto, Ontario)



“At age 73, I feel like I did when I was 32.” – L.D. (Dallas, Texas)


“I have been lifting weights, exercising, and eating a relatively healthy array of foods for several years now, but the introduction of Vitality Capsules to my daily regimen has truly been the icing on the cake. On a physical level, I feel lighter and have noticed that I’m able to maintain more intense workouts. On a mental level, I have noticed that the daily intake of Vitality Capsules has helped to encourage the intake of even healthier energy fuels.” – K.M. (Westchester, NY)


“They work! They’re awesome! They give you energy! They give you vitality!” – R.H. (Syracuse, NY)



“It’s a great supplement. It’s helped me physically and mentally as far as keeping my body healthy and my mind alert. I’ve been very pleased with them.” – J.A. (Washington, DC)


“In just 2 days I can feel it working!” – B.K. (Miami, Florida)


“In my mid forties, I started to feel like my aging was accelerating. A laundry list of typical items, but the most serious of those were the tremors and weight gain. After consulting with Dr. Daniels for Spontaneous Healing sessions, I’m pleased to say that the tremors are gone and the weight is coming off with ease. Some unexpected benefits are my glowing skin and just overall feeling great! I feel like a child when I wake up in the morning, refreshed and clear headed. THANK YOU DR. DANIELS!” – Diane M., Naples FL


“Dr. Daniels, Your Vitality Capsules are the best supplement I have ever used! At 77 years old, I had been having some constipation and carrying a big belly even though I am overall lean and eat a healthy diet. Within just a few weeks, my belly is gone and I am back to my high school weight! I have more energy and feel terrific. I wanted to thank you so much for your intelligent approach to good health. You are a rare gem in the healthcare field! “ – Robert H., St. Petersburg FL


“I have studied your manual very carefully because I was plagued with Candida for many years. I had ringworm on my back, bad rashes on my arms, terrible digestion, white spots in the back of my mouth and many other symptoms. I purchased one bottle of turpentine. My Candida is finally getting under control. Thank you. I certainly appreciate all your research.” – Stewart Kime.,


“Dear Dr Daniels I thank you from the bottom of my heart I suffered a very painful condition called CRPS it was a bugger before finding your research as I love Mr Google ..I found that 20 people with CRPS who were tested all had Bactria …than I fund you …and started on your two times a week turphintine I never thought I could exercise or clean my back yard ever this life time it Was so much struggle …as I am so passionate about nature and after years of drastic drug in take and than an angel like you comes along who sacrifice her career for truth and clear the picture at lastMy lady I am pain free for the first time since 2007 thank you and God bless you your family and truth thank you

Yours sincerely” – Madiha Hynes Sydney Australia


“My dear dear friend it would be my pleasure I wish I was good in writing English I would share with you the journeyAnd what Dr do to us with CRPS we are at there mercy …we are controlled tell we find some one like you who is not afraid to loose the lot than to live a lie

Yes please go ahead if you can help any one from that hell like you helped me and get people out of there square box and the fear and misery we are put trough please help them …I really believe there was nothing to live for when you can not do any thing for your self and for two years before diagnose the Dr tell you you are depressed and than put you on antidepressant I wish they could take that crap all it does is mass with your brain and it tells you how and which way to commit sucide and than your children take turns to wash you clean your home and cook for you no not a way to live your life and the Dr put so much fear inside of you they always seem to have the upper hand or so they think …I asked my neurologist after years of treatment when will I get better never he said we have no cure …so all those blocks and infusion you now tell me no cure and so I went on a mission I found you I finally got out of my box and now

I really believe beside brakes in our bones it seems every thing stems for parasites and bacteria every thing agin my lovely lady thank you times a billion

Yours sincerely ” – Madiha Hynes Sydney Australia


In a phone call with Dr. Daniels, Bobby Williams offers his spontaneous testimony regarding his successful healing:
– Bobby Williams United States


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