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52 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Have heard about turpintine, have cronic psoriasis and my yeast is very high. Will try turpintine and sugar mix and see what happens. My work is not healthy for me , I’m a underground coal miner and often deal with Co 2 and of course the dust. Brain is always fogy and shift work for the last 24 years dosen’t help. So excited about the posibility of feeling better….fingeres crossed…take care all.

  2. Pretty much any brand of turpentine labelled: “Turpentine Pure Gum Spirits” will do the job. Please be sure to follow the entire protocol, including attaining the bowel movements per day, and making sure you are drinking enough water before trying the turpentine. Vitality Capsules are a great way of gently and effectively moving the bowels.

  3. Love your Turpentine views. Have you settled on a brand of Turpentine that you now recommend?

  4. Also, would like to know what you think about taking organic vinegar I heard that it can effect the nervous system and thank you for going with the flow of the Universal Creator..

  5. I just was listening to your interview with Patrick Timpone and wonder if turpentine can be used to clean my liver or used at all if I have a gallbladder and bile moving problem. Also should I do coffee enemas. My understanding is- gallbladder should be cleaned first so there is no obstruction for warms or other things coming from the liver.Do you have a protocol for gallbladder cleanse?
    Also is there a good source of turpentine in Canada to buy from?
    Thank You
    Zaneta Lewandowska

  6. i really enjoy and appreciate all of the information i have heard you talk about, especially Rhumatoid Arthritis. i would like to know what information you may have on Glaucoma. looking forward to hear from you. peace

  7. I am getting ready to start the Candida cleanse and I was wondering if I can have Apple Cider or Balsamic vinegar with my salads ?

  8. Dear Dr. Daniels,

    So far, we have had no luck locating the thin, rectangular sugar cubes of the 1mm thick variety. I have requested my supermarket special order them but after checking they say that their distributor has no access to them. I’ve tried other supermarket chains, but so far have ‘struck out’.

    I appreciate the audio downloads for the live Q & A sessions, but many of us with the July 4th group of subscribers have seriously impaired hearing. Those of us who are so afflicted are wondering when the downloadable/printable transcriptions of the (3) live sessions will be available? Hopefully soon.

    Can you please address these issues asap? Having a copy of the printed Q & A sessions would be a great help to use as an added reference when doing your candida cleanse. Such a reference might make the difference between success or failure of the cleanse.

    Many thanks for being there for us!

  9. Dr. Daniels, Thank You for the information you have provided the world. I have been looking thru the archives looking for information regarding pain medication (Vicodin). I had an industrial accident in 2005. For 4.5yrs I was told their was nothing wrong with me as “it was in my head”. Come to find out I had fractured C3-C-6, herniations and disk bulges in T section and hairline fractures in L4-L5 and S1. It has been a nightmare to say the least. As of Jan I have been able to reduce Vicodin intake from 7 to 2-3 day. Do you have any advice to help me. I think I have proven this issue is not in my head but a physical problem. I want to heal and not take any more pain pills. This is not a mind over matter issue. I realize this medication is negatively affecting my kidneys, liver, gallbladder, etc. I have tried so many different modalities which work for a few months and then there seems to be no additional benefit. What can I do? I would appreciate your input. Thank you.

  10. Thank you for your honesty and enlightenment, I hope to get my daughter to agree to a consult for Lupus, she is supposed to start Plaquenil in September and it scares me to think what path that will put her on.
    For Generoso Parizal: look into NeurOptimal Neurofeedback training, many people find it very helpful for PTSD and depression and it is non medical, non invasive. side effect free and long lasting/permanent.

  11. Looking for organic cures to help releive my depression and p.t.s.d. conditions.I’m losing my confidence in modern medicine.Modern pharmaceutical has become nothing more than a scam for the drug companies, to fleece us for what money we do have left.

  12. many thanks Dr. Daniels. I don’t know how I found you, but I did – via podcasts. I think it was something I am very fortunate to have come into my life. I was listening to Patrick Timpone – only found him recently, after finding red Ice Creations – God knows how it all comes together!

    I’m 58 and have 5 adult children and some grand kids – they will all become interested especially when we get together, probably over Christmas. I like to set an example then let people ask… I have been unwell a while but set a new goal for myself, to be fully well and a good weight (I am not terribly overweight just sugar cravings and stacked on the pounds, less active now – fatigue & arthritis etc) SO my exciting goal was – I shall find out what I don’t know I don’t know…and by the time I am 60 I hope to be ready to go for atleast another 30 years…. Aim high! LoL!

    So YOU are part of my answers! I am an old fashioned Christian lady, pray and all that good stuff – and concerned about love and enthusiasm and learning and sometimes other peoples anger at injustice – every one of us has a story… thank you so much for telling yours… thank you heaps! Love from Australia, Hills

  13. I heard you on the extreme health radio program, and I’ve been addicted to watching almost every you-tube video you have out there. I have never been a health conscious person before now. But I first watched Dr. Tent on you-tube, he opened my eyes on a lot of issues that are very alarming to me about the government and health care in general. In the last year I have been more health conscious since My pastor husband 2 years ago decided to leave me. I am 67 and have the need to be healthy to be able to work and support myself. I am it. I get no financial support from no one. I believe the judge was paid off by the church because my husband got out of paying me any alimony after being married 22 years and no grounds for divorce. But after watching your videos I am so encouraged to take my health into my own hands and learn more and more about what I can do to get healthier. I would like to know if you have a way of testing to find out what mineral my body is deficient in. I don’t want to just take vitamins that I don’t need. I look forward to hearing back from you.
    PS: if I take the vitality can I go to work withoit having diarrea or having to go to the bathroom too much on the job?

  14. Hey Dr. Daniels i was just thinking but the slaves and poor white people of that time didn’t fallow a food plan,at least i don’t think they did,and it sounds like they purdy much benefited like people who would fallow the 5 step plan,any ways that thought came to my mind cuz i really cant fallow that 5 step eating prep.program cuz of my work hrs. and days. i’m gonna try it any ways,OK doc. you got me feeling like crack head,cant wait to get this in my system, thanks for your dedication and sacrifice sister girl. oh and i heard you on extreme health radio in california with justin and kate ok doc.god bless and take care…robb

  15. How can i order these pills, I’ve been trying but can’t find how to get them, what’s the number?

  16. filled out subscription and have not received confirmation. also, how do you order the capsules? i really enjoy your wisdom. i heard your discussion about insect bites and suggest you go to for all natural and food safe pest control.

  17. Dear Dr. Daniels, thank you, I will be starting this regime tonight & was lead to this site to get food recommendations and recipes. Also, what do you think about the “baths'” would you recommend & if so when is the best time to do this ? Any advice and/ or direction will be very appreciated – you’re amazing strategy is the answer to my prayers, been fighting this for almost 4 years! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! -M

  18. Dr. Jennifer Daniels,
    WOW, I only heard you for the first time yesterday. WOW! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!! …for being the voice of so many. You are a wonderful breath of fresh air and I truly admire your courage, truth and wisdom.
    An RN for 39 years I learned a long time ago that the allopathic way was incorrect in many ways. It breaks my heart to see the advice and treatment many are given and the sickness and pain that prevails. I am eager to learn more about you and your work.
    Again, thank you so much for all you do.
    Cheers, Linda

  19. Dr. Daniels,
    I heard you on the Spingola Speaks show and I was absolutely impressed with your logic, intuition, and intellect! I’ll be looking for more interviews and shows as you really put uncompromised truth out there for all to hear…So refreshing!!!
    Thank you, Kim

  20. Thank you Natalie. You are welcome. I would love to hear from other Medical Professionals

  21. I have to say I truly enjoyed your wisdom you have gained and shared on Dianna Spingola’s show. I am recommending you to many of my friends who are or were health care professionals and who are just waking up to the rhetorical lies they were taught in medical school. Please keep me on your email list as I love to hear any of your programs.

  22. Dr. Daniels…From the first moment I heard your voice on One Radio Network I realized you carried a high positive vibration. After listening to your wisdom,I realized you are a soul who has ascended in thought and action. Thanks for being on this planet with me and helping us all move from 3rd to 5th dimension.

  23. Hi Dr. Daniels,
    It’s so nice to listen to your interview with Patrick Timpone’s One Radio Network. I register on your website in order to get the free report on Managing 10 Common Infections without Using Antibiotics, but for soem reason, I never received that report. Would you please guide me to see how I can get the free report. Thank you, Judy

  24. Dear Tanya,
    I do have a Spontaneous Healing Mentoring Program. Support will be contacting you shortly with details. Dr Daniels

    Dr Daniels

  25. PLease respond. I am so ready to be healed from this fog. I have been an RN for 18 years and I cannot hardly function at work. I am only 41 years old with 2 young boys. I need your help.