The Best of 2015

Dr Daniels reviews the most popular challenges and solutions of 2015. These are the TOP radio programs of Healing With Dr Daniels as selected by YOU. Tune in and fortify your health for 2016. Think happens.

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2 thoughts on “The Best of 2015

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful enlightenment on so many things. Wish I had found this site years ago before all the damage to my body, I am still going to be positive and try to return my body to a more normal healthy state as I will be seventy this year. I ordered the vitality capsules and turpentine. I probably needed extra strength capsules since I have major constipation problems and digestive issues. Going to give this a try and change my diet. Thank u again, I enjoy your radio program

  2. Hi,

    I listen to your podcasts and was wondering if you could address apple cider vinegar in an upcoming show. I have a friend who swears by it. She started taking it for plantar fascitis, but said it cleared up her eczema and made her hair and nails strong and healthy, as well as “fixed” her GI (her words). She takes it in the morning on an empty stomach. I also have a male relative who takes it at night. Both take it mixed in a glass of water, every day. Any thoughts?