The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

The old fable suggests that living well has hazards and it is best to voluntarily deprive yourself of the better things in life – so that you do not face dangers that may be beyond your ability to handle. Unfortunately, this philosophy has permeated people’s view of health happiness and money – leading to an unnecessarily dismal level of health. Dr Daniels examines the flaw in this parable and shows how you can have the benefits of great health without fear.

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One thought on “The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

  1. This was a very informative program, and I took notes for myself and anyone else who might want to refer back quickly:

    You say 800,000 people pay and cooperate each year to be murdered, tortured and mutilated by Medicine, due to programming.

    Dr. Daniels husband is a vet? We didn’t know that.

    People really think (per Aesops Country Mouse and City Mouse) that a rich life with better health is full of danger and strife. But is it really better to just be a good slave?

    This program reenforces a point made in another program when Dr. Daniels taught that the way to conquer the NWO is, not to organize and picket so much as to just become ungovernable, to just go our own way and live our lives.

    Dr. Daniels again gives good reasons to just leave the Medical world behind: no annual physical, no prenatal care, no vaccinations.

    Annual exam: gives zero improvement to quality of life or longevity, is inconvenient. Can’t eat, must fast, get needles, get humiliated, get some false positives, get unnecessary prescriptions that cause harm and do no good … all for naught. 30 percent are harmed by side effects from the cholesterol drugs every year.

    [Thanks for the info, Doc! Make us ungovernable. Keep telling us how we’re getting ripped off!]

    Dr. Daniels used her wicked sense of humor to describe the advantages of being a good patient: “When you’re sick you can share your symptoms with friends, even make a morning ritual at the local fast food joint for over-65s to meet to talk about aches and pains and meds, and share pills, offer support, to be like everyone else, to share consciousness.”

    On vaccination and to have your child vaccinated — “Advantages are there’s no fear of being fired from job even though self-employed earn twice as much. By accepting disease, torture, mutilation and death you get to know you can get a job where you’ll earn less money and get approval from your doctor too!”

    [We’d all be laughing if it weren’t so sadly true!]

    Why do people think allowing the system to make them sick, accept low goals for healing create peace and quiet? Dr. Daniels says: “Approval of doctor, friends and relatives, and everyone shows they care; life is predictable, you’ll take more drugs, and you will know you conform with all the public service announcements and are being really responsible for doing as you’re told. So you figure you will be cared for. And the doctor who harms you will also complete your disability papers. You feel like you belong to a group in the same tomb, and will get a handicapped parking space.”

    How about the danger of conforming? “Day by day you’ll do less and less, can’t turn over in bed, can’t travel because of all the electric medical apparatus. But there’s no risk of being healthy, and won’t have to listen to doctor’s warnings or have government tracking you down with reminders, or have friends scorn you for not having the same illnesses they do.”

    Ultimate prize for not conforming is: Feeling great. “By refusing standard of care and demanding more you will feel great, have less expenses, no side effects, no stress of hearing false positives; you’ll keep your sex organs your whole life; you will be able to spend time with grandchildren or travel.”

    Dr. Daniels says: “People settle for second rate because they are afraid of reaching for the goal of good health. An example is falling for the numbers game. For example: Hemoglobin A1C — people get distracted by a number, and allow themselves to be mesmerized for seeking a number they are told is “good.” But the numbers are not realistic, so obedient people reaching for the “right” number don’t feel well and continue to decline.” She says, “Ask your doctor: ‘When and how will this help me?'” Dr. Daniels says doctors will give us honest answers to these simple questions and come right out and tell us that most everything they do will do us absolutely no good.

    To get the truth on these questions would help a lot of people to get the willpower to “become ungovernable” as Dr. Daniels has advised us to be in past programs–to go our own way, save our money and our health and just go live our lives the way we want to.

    Dr. Daniels blew the whistle on hypertension diagnosis and treatment: Hypertension is another number that is mostly meaningless? There is no cause? Hypertension can’t be reversed or relieved? So it’s all about trying to get the number to reduce? If we ask the doctor if it will extend our life the doctor will tell us, “There no evidence it will extend life even one minute!”

    (What! Write that down! Did you catch that?)

    Doc says: “Why settle for less when we can get the best with less effort and less money?”

    Just kiss the system goodbye and go on and live your life and become ungovernable…this is the message we take away from listening to Dr. Daniels.

    Annual pap smear: Doc says: “Extremely humiliating, hurts, and if you ask the doctor what are the chances to get cervical cancer, the answer is 6 in 100,000. Ask the doctor: “Will the pap smear get it to zero?” Answer: No, 3 in 100,000. Outrageous stats! Is it worth getting tortured for this almost nonexistent benefit? Dr. Daniels says, “Eat tomatoes, and that will bring risk of cervical cancer to zilch. Chances of dying of cervical cancer is like avoiding rain in the dessert.”

    Dr. Daniels urges us to ask the doctor: “When and what will be the benefit? What are my chances of getting this cancer?” Don’t be a good patient — go ahead and ask the questions! It’s crazy to pay for insurance, to have to sell the house to pay big health bills for treating something that was a false positive, or for therapy that’s not effective, she says.

    Well Child Visit — Doc says it’s marketed to mothers to find out “if child is healthy.” There is no such thing as an ‘average child’ and it would not make anything better anyway. So here is where immunizations happen that set the child up for chronic autism, SID, autoimmune conditions and childhood cancer. Drug companies admit as much in the package inserts. The Well Child Visit makes the mother feel inadequate, and she’s told “child is too short, head circumference is below average,” and these things are all irrelevant to health or happiness. It is time for people to start asking questions of the doctors about things like this — don’t you think?

    So Do It Yourself. Treat yourself. There is too much risk from pharma drugs: 25 percent who take drugs experience harm, and less than 5 percent benefit, so you enter a gamble, a 74 percent chance of not being helped or harmed. Those odds aren’t worth showing up for appointments. So do it yourself.

    Be Responsible. Look out for your own health care. When doctors go on strike the death rate goes down, so no care alone is better than some care. Usually the body turns things around, even appendicitis. When you go to the hospital, a little thing can turn into surgery and death. Many emergencies do not require medical attention, and just say no. Drop your insurance. Payment equals consent, so you can dispense with your consent. A judge can mandate healthcare if you have insurance. At least ask doctor: “When, how will this help me and what are my chances of dying if I do nothing?”

    Quite often when a person’s numbers are made “normal” by a doctor and hospital, the person then drops dead within hours. The abnormal numbers are your body’s way to respond to external stress, to cope.


    Q: Eat Right For Your Type Book? A: Each diet and blood type is different. Designed to sell vitamins.

    Q: Grapefruit juice is different than orange juice? A: Grapefruit juice helps liver flush gently, and OJ has higher sugar content and stresses liver.

    Q: Lump under scalp at base of skull size of a dime? A: Good case of ambiguity. In college, Dr. Daniels was trained to tell people to “go get a biopsy,” and she herself had several lumps around neck and skull in her 20s. She says, “I left them alone, so now I’m 57 and the lumps are all gone. The lump may stay or go, but be comfortable to make your own decision and most tend to be nothing. And to get a lymph node taken out you can impair your lymph system. Make your own decision if your body has a right to heal without being molested.”

    Q: Best way to apply turpentine topically? A: Put on fingers and apply.

    Q: Warfarin? A: It thins the blood, and the therapeutic and the deadly dose are almost the same. For atrial fibrillation, but after 3 months you stop giving because more people die or are harmed, and the net benefit is zero. Dr. Daniels was stunned to learn this in medical school and asked: “Why not just not give it at all?” Answer was: Standard of care, being a doctor means follow the rules as you prescribe dangerous substances. Doc said: “I asked a lot of questions in college that weren’t very welcome, and thought I got all the stares and negative reactions because of my skin color and had no clue how piercing and unsettling my questions were to my instructors. I was only trying to help people. It was challenging.”

    Q: Turpentine benefits? A: Tons. Go to Candida Cleaner report is free. Sign up.

    Q: Small hard bursa? A: Castor oil, cod liver oil — both work.

    Q: Person shared, “I let the doctor do a biopsy on mole; he said he should have done deeper, and cut football sized flesh and muscle, and now I have no feeling. He told me, “Good news, we didn’t need to cut all that off.”
    A: Dr. Daniels talked about her days practicing medicine: “Often we put someone through 4 days of testing and needles and xrays and dyes; and the person missed work and incurred a $10,000 to $20,000 bill and in the end are told: ‘Are you not glad we checked?’ It’s a hunting expedition that leaves people harmed, even murdered. The person was lucky there were no false positives to receive major surgery for it.”

    Go to Avoid torture, get free report: “10 remedies so powerful they could make antibiotics obsolete.”

    Doc said: “When you go to ER, they try to get you caught up on your shots. Tell them: “My insurance doesn’t pay for shots and I don’t either.” This way the hospital won’t give you any shots. There are long-term side effects and they are not effective.”

    Listener Testimony: “I was told I ‘may have lung cancer.’ I had a scan and was told to ‘go see an inhalation therapist,’ and I said no. It’s 8 years later and I am still fine.”

    Dr. Daniels’ reply: “Tests are often extremely dangerous. Radioactivity, rooms with lead walls, and personnel leave the room, so how harmless is it really? It is an issue because tests are created to have a 5 percent false positive rate, so if you get 20 tests you have a high chance to get a false positive.

    Q: Self treat moles? Are some okay to treat ourselves? Answer: It is reasonable to treat yourself, and if it does not respond then go further. In school we were told to get people to do home remedies, and that’s great. Don’t be frightened of self diagnosis or treatment; and there’s a 74 percent chance they won’t help and 25 percent they will hurt you. Your odds are better at home.

    Q: Infant daughter had a high white blood count, was tested monthly, and doctor admitted it was from the vaccines. Answer: It is common for babies to have low or high white counts by vaccine per package inserts but doctors are not told and they are informed “do not tell patients.”

    Kathleen from Texas called in to the show: “I used to know about x-rays, but how bad is an MRI? Do they show more detail? Answer: MRI is the absolute worst, with the most dangerous dye and highest radiation dose, and doctors are going higher on the dose to get sharper pictures. It is never just for bones. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, was called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in the old days. It is a strong magnetic field that interferes with the function of cells being affected. It causes more disruption than other x-rays that cause radiation danger, but MRI is severe magnetism.

    Go to to learn 100,000 killed a year by antibiotics, and how to avoid mutilation and murder by the medical system.

    Q: Should we use hospital for broken bones or gunshot wounds? ANSWER: With broken bones if you are wanting to immobilize the area your outcome is no different. If you don’t go to the hospital, you avoid risk of anesthesia, or wrong blood transfusion, and infections. Some bones, like hips, do better with surgery but is not an emergency. But is painful. Surgery is done 1 to 4 days after break, so there is time to figure out which bone is broken and if fixing it will be of benefit. A 50 percent benefit from intervention is not real benefit. On Gunshots: Many bullets are left in place by doctors and not removed, so if you go to the hospital often the doctor leaves it in. If you go for shotgun wound, the buckshot is not all removed. So the plus side for going to the hospital is overestimated. Yes, there’s pain but it is not necessary to go to the hospital to receive pain meds. There are also topicals you can apply to help minimize pain with broken bones and gunshots.

    Q: Brother in Law had lung cancer, got therapy, died 6 months later. ANSWER: Therapy did not extend or improve his quality of life, and the point is: To subject someone to that level of torture and expense without benefit is horrifying. This is what medical intervention is all about.

    Another eye-opening, self-empowering show. Thanks, Dr. Daniels!