The Common Natural Healing Mistakes

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9 thoughts on “The Common Natural Healing Mistakes

  1. Happy New You!!! Greetings Dr. Daniels,

    I am very excited about this new series. Hopefully, we will be able to fine tune and or correct some things we are doing to heal ourselves and assist our family members. I love the green drink. I use chia and flax seeds. I buy them whole, grind them to a meal then soak them over night. This results in a very thick mixture that I dilute with water to achieve desired thickness. When I can not find fresh pineapple I use frozen. The fresh pineapple is rarely organic, but I can get frozen organic pineapple. Is it ok to continue to grind the chia and flax seeds and use frozen pineapple?

    Thank you for all you do.

    In a spirit of wellness,

  2. Those who listen regularly to your office hrs or public radio broadcasts have heard this good information. Were the dried chia seeds (not soaked) added to the green drink for expediency?

  3. I’ll bet you get this a lot. I wish I’d met you 15? years ago when… Thank you so much for your candid, inspiration and insightful medical advice. I grew up in a medical family and THOUGHT I had a clue. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

  4. Dr Daniels, this is the 2nd video I’ve been able to catch, and just as good, just as helpful as the 1st video I saw.