The Fight for the Cure, Why the Cure Never Comes

Dr Daniels shares her experiences as a member of the Board of the American Heart Association and other organizations devoted to finding the “Cure”. Learn how organizations are designed so the cure is never found. Find out what they really do and where the money really goes. Think Happens!

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One thought on “The Fight for the Cure, Why the Cure Never Comes

  1. Dr. Daniels — One of your best shows! Thanks for so clearly exposing the faker charity organizations riding the back of Big Medicine to rake in more money from the false hopes of the public who are still blindly trusting in the medical system. Thanks to you, more people are waking up and realizing that we must all look after our own health, and that to put our trust in the Medical Industry is a literal prescription for death and poverty.

    Love your theme song. Seems like you were allowed to know things, the dark secrets of the medical industry — and thank you for sharing with us that “non-profit” medical research is a sham. The cures were known and provided for in our past, or in the published list of “known carcinogens” —

    Loved your solution — raising chickens and growing a garden! I suggest donating to Weston A Price Foundation if you are someone with “a bent” as you put it to donate. I agree that it’s best to tell people promoting their pink and yellow and purple ribbons to stick them in their ear and go away.

    Your theme song makes me want to pack up, move to Latin America, and start hanging out with people who are real, who have some passion for life and care about things that matter.

    I think you are starting a revolution. When people find you, your spirit and the truth you share will change their life.